Crazy Gelato Doughnut Spot in Shoreditch – STUFFED

Located in the heart of Shoreditch, STUFFED is the UK’s first Stuffed Gelato Doughnut shop. Expect neon vibes, crazy combinations of gelato, doughnuts and waffles and insane drinks.

Watch video here.


The Vibes

Electric Vibes at STUFFED

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 The place is tiny, but the vibes are electric. Electric blue neon lights and a vintage rotary wall phone provide the perfect backdrop for your dessert creations.


 You Drive Me Glazy

‘Magic Shrooms ‘ Hot Chocolate  – Photo: Urban Adventurer


Order a gelato doughnut and watch it being stuffed with handmade gelato in front of your eyes. Or go for a ‘Croff’ which is a cross of croissant and waffle. Fluffy croissant dough baked in a waffle shape, served with handmade artisan gelato, garnished with different toppings, and comes with a pot of hot custard.

‘Halos’ are croissant pastry filled like doughnut and topped with gelato, garnished with sauces and toppings.


‘Maliboo Croff’ – Photo: Urban Adventurer


I ordered a ‘Maliboo Croff’ and a ‘Magic Shrooms’ hot chocolate. The waffle was freshly made and was just perfect: soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. It was richly topped with vanilla sauce, coconut flakes and mini marshmallows that they roasted in front of my eyes. The whole thing came with a scoop of delicious coconut gelato and a cup of yummy hot custard.

The hot chocolate was made using pure melted Belgian chocolate, garnished with whipped cream, chocolate flakes, a chocolate flake bar, and roasted marshmallows. (I also love the design of the cup.)

Everything looked exactly like in the pictures on the menu and was absolutely delicious.


The Prices


Photo: Urban Adventurer


 The prices are average and absolutely worth it.

‘Croffs’ and ‘Halos’ are £6.50 regardless of the flavour. Gelato doughnuts are £5.75 and there are plenty of flavours to choose from. I paid £4.50 for my hot chocolate. They have iced latte too in lots of different flavours, such as coconut, pistachio, milk, and white chocolate for £4.75. They have insane doughnut infused milkshakes as well for £5.50.



31 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA


Opening times

Mon – Sun 3pm – 11pm





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