London’s Newest Chocolate Café – Cocomelt London

New dessert spot alert! Cocomelt opened a chocolate restaurant in the heart of Soho last Summer, and it’s a social media sensation! Expect giant chocolate fountains, pancake- and fruit sticks dipped in chocolate straight from the fountains, chocolate sushi, burrito crepes, waffles, and more!



The Interior


Cocomelt London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Cocomelt is furnished with round tables and cosy sofas in elegant pastel colours matching with the colour of the walls. Neon signs, graphics and pretty flower decorations provide the perfect background for your Insta photos.


Artwork on a Plate


Lotus Crepe - Cocomelt London

Lotus Crepe

Photo: Urban Adventurer



At Cocomelt they use Belgian chocolate to fill and decorate their dessert creations. Whether you choose a classic waffle or go a little extreme with sushi crepe or burrito crepe, expect a dessert artwork to be served to you.

Feeling creative? Why not create your own dessert by choosing base: crepe, mini pancake, or waffle; sauce: milk, dark or white chocolate from the chocolate fountain or Lotus spread (or all four); fruit; toppings, such as brownies, marshmallows, rice krispies etc. and add your fav ice cream flavour.




Hot Chocolate - Cocomelt London

Hot Chocolate

Photo: Urban Adventurer



There are a number of hot and cold drinks from hot chocolate to milkshake to Frappuccino. We wanted to go for something chocolaty (since it’s a chocolate restaurant), so we tried the hot chocolate, and it didn’t disappoint us. The presentation was so cute with the mini marshmallows on top and the taste was heaven.




Ready for your next adventure? No.79 Coffee & Mousse is specialised for the cutest mousse cakes and it’s only a 2-minute walk from Cocomelt. Expect bunny, puppy and peach shaped mousse cakes! Cute video here.