Authentic Japanese Bakery Opened in Notting Hill – HACHI Beyond Bakery

New authentic Japanese bakery opened in the heart of Notting Hill: HACHI Beyond Bakery.



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HACHI Beyond Bakery

11 Blenheim Cres, London W11 2EE

HACHI Beyond Bakery is open Thurs – Sun: 11am-5pm


Photo: Urban Adventurer



HACHI Beyond Bakery opened this August in the heart of Notting Hill. Located next to the famous Portobello Market, they are 14-min walk from Notting Hill Station and 7-min walk from Ladbroke Grove Station.


‘Hachi’ means ‘eight’ in Japanese language, yet the tilted 8 becomes the symbol of infinity. Therefore, HACHI’s logo represents the continuous renewal of the relationship between customer and baker day after day by offering hand-baked products using natural ingredients.


Fruit Sando, Shokupan Kuro and Classic Pastry on the Menu


Japanese Fruit Sando at HACHI Beyond Bakery Notting Hill

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Pop in for a refreshing matcha latte in the morning or try one of their kawaii Japanese ‘Fruit Sando’ that looks like they jumped straight out from an anime. Fruit Sando is a traditional Japanese sandwich made with a generous amount of fresh cream and fresh fruit. In Japan, Fruit Sando is often given as gift for loved ones.


🍓 Strawberry, 🥭 mango, 🥝 kiwi, 🍍pineapple, and mix sando available.


Based on Japanese gift-giving art, HACHI sells two signature bread loaves: Shokupan Shiro and Shokupan Kuro that are often given as special gift during gift-giving seasons in Japan ‘Ochugen’ and ‘Oseibo’.


Shokupan Shiro is basically a white milk loaf. It’s a very soft and fluffy type of bread that stays moist for longer than ordinary bread. It’s made with an original blend of wheat flour, milk, and butter.


Shokupan Kuro is black milk loaf which is basically the same as Shokupan Shiro with some activated charcoal added for the benefit of detoxification and purification of the body.


If you’d rather go for something classic, Almond Croissant and Pistachio New York Roll are up for grabs as well as delicious Anko Cream Pan which is filled with red bean paste straight from Hokkaido.


Grab a classic americano or a proper matcha latte (imported from Japan) in the morning or let a classic green tea relax your senses after work.



Photo: Urban Adventurer



HACHI also sells some lovely merch, including tee, hat, and tote bag. Why not purchase one of them to support this adorable small business?




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