Luxury Donut Boutique: Donutelier by Roladin Opened Their First Shop in London

Legendary Dutch bakery, Donutelier by Roladin opened their first luxury donut shop next to Leicester Square station. Donutelier have been creating luxurious artistic donuts for three decades combining traditional modern techniques, taking inspiration from modern fashion ateliers (‘atelier’ is an artist’s workshop) and fuse it with street food aesthetic.


Watch Pasty Chefs Constructing Donuts


Donutelier Donuts

Photo: Urban Adventurer


While in the shop, you can witness pastry chefs frying donut balls and creating the intricate decorations by hand before displaying them on the elegant brass cake stands.


Watch mini video tour here.


Alongside with their signatures, Donutelier offers a selection of special donut creations, designed specifically for London.


Artisan Donuts from Donutelier

Pink Royal and Pistachio donuts at Donutelier by Roladin 

Photo: Urban Adventurer


We tried two flavours:


Pink Royal, which is probably the most eye-catchy one on the menu. It’s filled with raspberry chantilly cream, topped with wild berries cream and garnished with crispy raspberry and mini strawberry meringues.

Pistachio donut is filled with chantilly pistachio filling, topped with pistachio crème and garnished with almond and pistachio nibs and crispy raspberry.


The prizes are between £5-£6 per donut, depending on the type.


Besides, their artisan donuts, Donutelier offers other classics to sink your teeth into, such as croissants, cruffins, cookies alongside with hot and cold drinks.



48, 50 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0BS



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