Dessert Heaven – Urban Chocolatier

Decadent desserts, cheeky drink menu and luxury interiors. Urban Chocolatier is definitely a must-visit for everyone who love crazy desserts. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy!



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The Menu


Urban Chocolatier Wood Green

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Urban Chocolatier is specialised in divine desserts, handmade gelato, hot drinks and mocktails. On their menu you find cookie dough, crepes, waffles, freak shakes, chocolate dessert creations and more.


Urban Chocolatier - Wood Green

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Their desserts are truly innovative and 100% Insta-worthy, and the stunning interior provides the most perfect background for your photos.


Urban Chocolatier has eight locations all over in London, including Waterloo, Wembley, Upton Park, and Wood Green. We visited their Wood Green branch.


We tried the Ferrero & Nutella Cookie Dough, the Kinder King Freak Shake, and the Blue Laguna Mocktail.


Ferrero & Nutella Cookie Dough at Urban Chocolatier

Ferrero & Nutella Cookie Dough

Photo: Urban Adventurer


We were amazed how huge the portions were! The cookie dough came on a huge, branded plate, beautifully presented. The cookie dough was perfectly warm and tasted amazing with the vanilla gelato which was served on the middle of the plate.


Kinder King Freak Shake at Urban Chocolatier

Kinder King Freak Shake

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The Kinder King Freak Shake was absolutely insane! It was loaded with vanilla gelato, lots of Nutella, and Kinder Bueno pieces. It tasted heaven but it was a bit too much with the cookie dough, so we had to leave some of it.


Blue Laguna Mocktail at Urban Chocolatier

Blue Laguna Mocktail

Photo: Urban Adventurer


I loved that my mocktail was served in a laboratory measuring glass. The mocktail had gorgeous blue colour, and it was more than a half litre! It was a bit too sweet to me but still loved it.

The staff was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Will definitely go back!



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