Feya Marble Arch

Feya – one of the most Instagrammable boutique cafés in London – opened their third venue in one of the city’s historical landmarks, Marble Arch. The new venue is celebrating women empowerment and creativity and has a secret glow-in-the-dark room under the main restaurant, set to open later this Summer.


‘Wear Your Crown’


Feya Marble Arch - Women Empowerment Mural

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Celebrating Feya’s core values and mission: the power of women and to reduce the gender pay gap, the award-winning café, bakery, and restaurant teamed up with the well-known artist, Ramona Pintea to curate two extraordinary murals.


Women Empowerment Mural at Feya Marble Arch

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Ramona is best known for her unique murals inspired by Women Empowerment and her ‘Wear your crown’ movement.


‘Hand of Inspiration’


Hand of Inspiration at Feya Marble Arch

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The ground floor of the two-story café displays a truly unique feature hanging from the ceiling. ‘Hand of Inspiration’ is a human hand holding an illuminating globe that flushes the airy café with light during night time.

‘Hand of Inspiration’s aim is to inspire women to bring joy and beauty to the world throughout their uniqueness, innovative minds, and creativity.


Modern Jungle


Feya - Marble Arch

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Feya Marble Arch is a modern jungle. Lots of greenery decorate the café and you can literally take a seat under palm trees. The glass walls let as much natural light as possible into the café, making the whole venue a sparkling, inspiring, and energising place.


Feya Underground


NOTE: Feya Underground is set to open later this Summer. Please, keep an eye on their social media for updates.


Feya Underground

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Hidden beneath the main café, there is a secret Instagrammable location, inspired by modern graffiti art.

Feya Underground is displaying glow-in-the-dark graffiti walls and a completely different menu to the ground floor. In contrast to Feya Café’s signature all-day brunch, coffee specialities and indulging home-made desserts, Feya Underground is offering classic street food, including burgers and fries and chicken strips.




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