Fluffy Pancake, Intricate Latte Art, and Famous Guests – Coffee Addict

Hidden behind Victoria Station, this tiny little pink coffee shop is the 24th on Secret London’s best coffee shops list. Coffee Addict is not just famous for its fluffy Japanese pancakes and colourful coffee specialities, but also for singers, actors and models who have visited the café.


About Coffee Addict

324 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, London SW1V 1AA 

Coffee Addict London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Inspired by Aussie speciality coffee shops, Nina, the founder opened Coffee Addict in 2019, and it became an instant success.

The coffee shop has become one of the most Instagrammable hidden gems in London. The aesthetic design, the flowers walls, the garnish chandelier, and intricate latte art have attracted public figures, singers, and bloggers, such as TV and Radio presenter Olivia Cox, model Amerra Mohammed or Indian actor Gourmet Choudhary .


Latte Art

You might have not known, but Coffee Addict is so serious about latte art that they even run latte art courses.  You can enrol in a beginners’ course to learn all the basics, or you can choose the advanced course if you have some latte art background and want to expand your knowledge and skills.

You can book online here.

You can also purchase special coffee blends being sold exclusively here, such as ‘The Party’ blend which is made with cranberries, peach, vanilla or coffee rarities, such as Peru Santa Sofia-COE.

Some of the blends are available in the physical shop, too.


The Ambiance

Coffee Addict

Photo: Urban Adventurer


‘Coffee isn’t a drug. It’s a vitamin.’ – says the flower wall and I couldn’t agree more with it, especially at this café where so many beautiful and colourful coffees are served to make us customers smile.

Every corner is Instagrammable here. The pink and blue shopfront, the matching-coloured cozy furniture, the prism chandelier, and of course the food and drink.

Go for a mini virtual tour here.


Coffee Heaven

Butterfly Match Latte

Butterfly Matcha Latte finished with cute latte art and dried lavender.

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Coffee Addict serves wide range of oh-so-Instagrammable plant-based coffee specialities from Ice Spanish Latte to Golden Latte to Butterfly Matcha Latte that comes with dried lavender on top. And no coffee served without cute latte art.


Fluffy Yummy Japanese Pancake

There are plenty of dessert options on the menu from cupcakes to croissants topped with ice cream, gelato and more.

Their most popular dessert is definitely fluffy Japanese pancakes, though. These pancakes are famous for a reason. They are not just Instagrammable, super fluffy and tasty, but they are born to dance. 🙂

Fuffly Pancake and Butterfly Match Latte at Coffee Addict

Photo: Urban Adventurer


These Souffle Pancakes are made by order, so they are made fresh for every single order. That’s why it takes 20 minutes for a pancake, but believe me, it’s worth the wait.


24k Gold Pancake

24k Gold Japanese Pancake at Coffee Addict

Image Source: @coffeeaddict_official

Coffee Addict decided to make their first savoy fluffy pancake exclusive. This pancake is made with black truffle, porcini mushroom for great taste, and a free-range egg decorated with 24k edible gold leaf on top for the glamour.


Have a Quirky Breakfast

Quirky Brunch at Coffee Addict

Image Source: @coffeeaddictlondon


You can have a whole-day brunch with vegan options. Flower Truffle Eggs on Toast, The Happiest Croissant, Forest Toast and Pink Eggs Royale just to name a few.


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