Titanic: The Exhibition

We all know the tragic story of Titanic that went down in history as the biggest maritime catastrophe that ever happened.

Titanic: The Exhibition arrived in London for the first time to give us an emotional experience through life-size recreations of the ship’s interior, over 200 real objects from the ship, hand-written letters, and photographs to discover the true story behind the the legendary ship.


Free Audio Guide to Enhance Your Experience

1st Class Entrance on the Titanic

Recreation of the 1st Class Entrance on the Titanic

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Tickets come with a free audio guide available through your smartphone in different languages. Don’t forget to bring your own headphone to be able to enjoy the guide. If you don’t have headphone, don’t worry. You can rent a physical audio guide on the spot for £3.


Over 200 Physical Objects from the Titanic

Wooden Panel Brought to the Surface from the Titanic

A Wooden Panel Brought to the Surface from the Titanic

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 200+ physical objects and the passengers’ personal belongings are on display carrying the most emotional stories.


A Pair of Child Boots Belongd to a Survivor

A Pair of Child Boots Belonged to a Survivor

Photo: Urban Adventurer


There is a pair of child boots displayed belonged to Louise Gretchen Kink-Heilmann who was only 4 years-old when she went aboard the RMS Titanic with her parents. She and her parents survived the catastrophe and Louise kept the boots to pass them on to her children before she died in 1992 at the age of 84.


The Love of the Sea necklace that Inspired the Titanic Movie

“Love of the Sea” Necklace that Inspired the Oscar-Winning Movie in 1997

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The “Love of the Sea” necklace that inspired the Oscar winning movie in 1997 with Leonardo DiCaprio, belonged to Miss Kate Florence Phillips who boarded on the Titanic with Henry Samuel Morley. The couple’s plan was to marry in San Francisco and start their lives together. Henry gifted the necklace to Kate as a token of his love.

Sadly, Henry lost his life on the tragedy. Kate kept the necklace and a few months later gave birth to her and Henry’s daughter.


Life-Size Recreations

Life-Size Recreation of a 3rd Class Cabin on Titanic

Life-Size Recreation of a 3rd Class Cabin on the Titanic

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 RMS Titanic was a floating luxury hotel fully equipped with modern amenities such as gym and smoking rooms for gentlemen.


Life-Size Recreation of a 1st Class Suite on the Titanic

Life-Size Recreation of a 1st Class Suite on the Titanic

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 Your journey guides you through the lavish first-class suite to the humbled third-class cabin while you listen to survivors’ testimonies music and sound effects to enhance your experience and help you travel back in time.


Heroic Deeds

Mr and Mrs Strauss

Mr and Mrs Strauss Who Refused to Use a Lifeboat to Give More Chance for Women and Children to Survive

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Learn about heroic deeds passengers did to save others.


Isidor Strauss refused to enter a lifeboat because he didn’t want to save his own life over women and children. He begged to his beloved wife, Rosalie Ida Strauss to get a lifeboat but Mrs Strauss refused it to too, saying “We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go.” The last time they were seen, they were holding each other on the deck arm in arm. Both of them died on the Titanic.

Later, the couple got a memorial in New York.


Philanthropist and suffragist Lucy Nöel Martha, Countess of Rothes survived the catastrophe in lifeboat No. 8 with her cousin and maid. She encouraged others all the way until help arrived to rescue them with her optimism and determination. She took the paddles and rowed until all the passengers brought to safety.


Fiction and Reality

On Board - The Titanic

On the Board of the Titanic

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Fiction and reality separates in the exhibition like never before thanks to the contribution of historians and Titanic experts.

It’s been a famous theory that RMS Titanic did not comply with the necessary safety regulations which lead to not having enough lifeboats on the ship. It is true that the ship was supposed to have a second line of lifeboats, but White Star Line decided to remove them for mobility and aesthetic reasons. Legally, however, the Titanic wasn’t required to have those lifeboats. What is more, the ship not only complied with safety regulations, but exceeded them.


Practical Info 


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