Free Awe-Inspiring Digital Art Exhibition – Svccy: Dystopian Constructions

Italian phygital (combines physical and digital elements) artist, Svccy merges classic and modern surreal elements to create unique images. ‘Dystopian Constructions’  is a thought-provoking digital artwork that reflects the human condition in today’s society.



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♬ Experience – Solo Piano – Ludovico Einaudi


Statue Houses and Dystopian Environments


Svccy: Dystopian Constructions - W1 Curates

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Svccy represents humans by statues either faceless or covered by objects to symbolise the total lack of identity in today’s world. Man lives in an inauthentic environment and follows inauthentic behavioral models oppressed by mass media, technology, and fashion.


 Statue Houses


Svccy: Dystopian Constructions - Statue Houses

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Traditional architectural elements are blended with futuristic visions to create a dreamlike environment. Futuristic houses emerge from the ground in vibrant colours, while giant classic statues appear next to them to make a surreal contrast, representing the illusion of free and self-determined life.

We believe we are living a free life and make free choices, while in reality we are all following a single model which is built for us by our ultra-consumerist society.


Dystopian Environments


Svccy: Dystopian Constructions - Dystopian Environments

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Dystopian Environments showcase today’s human society as series of faceless statues or covered by everyday objects, such as mobile phone to symbolise lack of identity. The statues often depicted in a ruined environment wearing game consoles covering the eyes and ears. This represents how members of society try to escape from reality to the digital world – an illusion – where everything seems better.


Practical Info


W1 Curates - Svccy: Dystopian Constructions

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Svccy: Dystopian Constructions is free to visit. NO booking required

23rd January 2023 – 13th February 2023

W1 Immersive | 161-167 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2JP

(In the basement of Flannels Luxury fashion store)




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