Godzilla Has Rumbled His Way into Heddon Yokocho

After New York and Tokyo, The King of Monsters is rumbling in London. Godzilla has taken over Mayfair’s retro Japanese restaurant, Heddon Yokocho. This is the King of Monsters’ first trip in Europe, and he will only stay until 31st March, so if you want to encounter with the giant monster, don’t leave it too late.


Godzilla Menu Set

The menu includes a giant Volcano Ramen bowl, a themed drink, and a dessert, each of them has two versions to choose from. The two-course menu and a drink is priced at £22.



Godzilla Menu Set

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Gojira Volcano Ramen comes with Heddon Yokocho’s signature miso pork and chicken broth, Godzilla-inspired heat-ray sauce, and extra pork belly garnished with a flaming hot chilli to give it an extra roar.

Kaiju Volcano Ramen is the veggie version of the above. It comes with plant-based broth, ganmo tofu, loads of vegetables and spicy sauce.

Each ramen is served in a king sized ‘black volcano’ bowl to fit to Godzilla’s gigantic appetite.


Each Ramen can be asked less spicy if you feel there’s too much of Godzilla’s hot breath in it.



Mothra's Favourite Motchi Ice Cream

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 You can choose from two Godzilla themed desserts. King of the Monsters Matcha Cheesecake or Mothra’s Favourite Mochi Ice Cream in mango passion fruit, vegan chocolate cookie dough or the mix of the two.



Wake Me Up in Tokyo cocktail - Heddon Yokocho

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 Wash it all down with either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic Godzilla themed drink.


Wake Me Up in Tokyo cocktail is made with umeshu, whisky, jalapeno, yuzu, and edible Godzilla decoration.


Alternatively, go booze-free with Sunrise Melon Soda, an epic crimson coloured, melon flavoured drink with red syrup garnished with Maraschino cherry.


Follow Godzilla’s Footsteps

Godzilla X Yokocho

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Feasters are encouraged to follow Godzilla’s monstrous footsteps around the restaurant to discover posters, banners from the 1970s (including a 1.7-metre-tall model), and an epic range of limited-edition Godzilla X Yokocho merch, including skateboards, tote bags, T-shirts, mugs and more.


Win a Godzilla Prize Bundle

Godzilla X Yokocho Merch

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Share your roarsome selfies on social media to win a limited-edition Godzilla prize bundle, including collectible figures and more.

To enter the giveaway, simply tag them @ramenyokocho in your post. 3 winners will be selected.



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