Time Travel to the 1970s Japan – Panton Yokocho

Travel back in time to the neon-lit alleyways of the 1970s Japan to discover the history of Ramen. Panton Yokocho – similarly to Heddon Yokocho just off Regents Street – recreates those yatai stall dining areas under the dim light of lanterns of narrow noisy alleyways full of mouth-watering smells of different Japanese foods.


Ramen Bowls from All Over Japan


Panton Yokocho

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Stepping into Panton Yokocho is like leaping back in time. The staff greets you in Japanese before guiding you through the jungle of colourful lanterns, noren curtains and vintage posters to your table.

Classic J-pop soundtracks are playing while you browse the map of Japan and discover the 11 different types or Ramen from across the country from Tokyo to Hokkaido to Sapporo.

A map of Japan helps you explore where each Ramen bowl is originated from and learn more about the place of origin, type of broth and noodles and the toppings.

Did you know that the first bowl of noodle, similar to today’s Ramen was served in 1884 in Japan? Click here to learn more interesting facts about Ramen history.


Retro Ramen Vending Machine at Panton Yokocho

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TIP: to help you discover all Ramen from the map, every Monday and Tuesday a selected Ramen bowl is on offer for just £10.90. Ask the staff about the Ramen of the week.

TIP: There is a working retro Ramen vending machine within the restaurant that works with Japanese coins. Just ask the staff to exchange coins for you (you can either pay by cash or card) and grab your instant Ramen.


Watch video of Panton Yokocho and the retro Ramen vending machine here.


Pair Your Ramen with a Japanese Cocktail


Melon Cream Soda at Panton Yokocho

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Why not pair your Ramen with a Japanese cocktail? Panton Yokocho introduced their cocktail menu last year. They have over a dozen different cocktails from classic Negroni with a Japanese twist to floral and light cocktails served with edible manga sticker.


TIP: HAPPY HOUR every Monday and Tuesday 4pm-6pm. All cocktails for £7 and the best part is: this offer can be used together with Ramen of the Week offer!




Panton Yokocho Ramen Map

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Panton Yokocho is much more than just Ramen and cocktail!


They offer a range of side dishes, such as chicken kaarage, gyoza, chicken wings (make sure you check out their Wing Wednesday offer!), sashimi, and much more.

They also have different types of noodles and delicious buns to try.

Apart from cocktails, they have Japanese wine and beer as well as sake tasting experience.


Time Travel to the 1970s Japan - Panton Yokocho

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Japanese and classic soft drinks are also available. My personal all-time favourite is Melon Cream Soda which comes in two different flavours and served with vanilla ice cream (vegan ice cream option available) and maraschino cherry on top.

For dessert, why not try one of their ice cream stacks that come with mochi donut, ice cream and pocky stick?

They also have a range of mochi ice cream in exciting flavours, such as Hong Kong Milk Tea, Vegan Miso Chocolate or Mango & Passion Fruit. Affogato and Yuzu sorbet, are also on the desserts menu.

Many of the desserts are vegan or offer vegan option.


On a family day out?


Panton Yokocho’s kids set menu contains a bowl of Ramen (classic or vegan), side dish and a choice of drink. You can add a scoop of vegan ice cream for just £1.



Practical Info


Panton Yokocho London

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Panton Yokocho is usually not too busy and accept walk-ins.



 Square, 35a Panton Street Leicester, London SW1Y 4EA


Opening Time & Table Booking

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