Endometriosis: Into the Unknown – The World’s First Vagina Museum Has Reopened

The world’s first museum devoted to bust myths and misconceptions about the female organ re-opened last November with a brand-new exhibition. In collaboration with Oxford EndoCare, Vagina Museum’s current exhibition is about endometriosis which covers everything about the disease.



🍑 The world’s first museum devoted to bust myths and misconceptions about the female organ is back with a brand-new exhibition about Endometriosis #londonmuseums #hiddengemlondon #femalebody #freeexhibitionlondon #fannycake #CapCut

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Endometriosis: Into the Unknown

4 November 2023 – 3 March 2024


Endometriosis - Into the Unknown Exhibition at Vagina Museum London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Vagina Museum is the world’s first brick-and-mortar museum dedicated to raise awareness and spread knowledge of the gynaecological anatomy and health and end the stigma and shame about vaginas and vulvas that still circulating among society in the 21st century.


Some eye-opening facts:


  • Half of the Britons could not be able to describe or identify the function of urethra, labia or vagina
  • 6 of 10 men and half of women could not even label the vagina
  • One third of both men and women didn’t know what the clitoris was
  • 6 in 10 men could identify correctly that tampon does not go where someone urinates. Because the blood comes from a different whole

(YouGov, 2019)


Vagina Museum London - Endometriosis- Into the Unknown Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer



There is a disease that affects around 190(!) million people worldwide causing extreme period pain, nausea, bleeding between periods, boating and fatigue, just to name a few symptoms.


However, the cause of the disease is unknown, there is no known cure, and we have no idea how to prevent it. The disease is called: Endometriosis.


The symptoms can be so serious that one may be unable to go work or school. 38% of patients have serious concerns about losing their job, while 35% have a reduced income because of their condition.


Endometriosis Exhibition at Vagina Museum London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Getting a diagnosis in the UK is extremely difficult and lengthy. Over half of the patients visited their GP more than 10(!) times before finally getting diagnosed.


Getting diagnosed with Endometriosis is so complicated that on average, it takes 8 years in the UK. This means, if you have your first symptoms today, you will only get diagnosed in 2032!


Even if you get your diagnosis of Endometriosis, you’ll have a good chance for not getting any written information.


‘Endometriosis: Into the Unknown’  exhibition is dedicated to raise awareness of the disease because it’s not just a medical experience, but it’s also a social and political problem.


Vagina Museum

Arches 275-276, Poyser St, London E2 9RF


Vagina Museum London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



After years of hosting pop-up events and exhibitions around London, Vagina Museum became a registered charity in 2019.


Within the same year, they opened their first location in Camden Market which they closed on 2021.


In the following year, they thought they had finally found their permanent space in Bethnal Green; however, the museum was forced to close in February 2023 at a very short notice.


In the beginning of November 2023, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, Vagina Museum re-opened at their current location. This is now a long-term location, so we hope the museum can stick around for good at this new site in a pair of railway arches in Poyser Street.


Permanent Exhibition Coming Soon


Alongside with the temporary exhibitions, Vagina Museum will open their permanent exhibition space soon.


The permanent exhibition will be upstairs and will be devoted to erase the stigma and shame around gynaecological anatomy. ‘From A to V’  exhibition’s aim is to educate and share information about the vagina, vulva and start open discussions about gynaecological anatomy.


The exhibition will cover anatomy, health, vulva diversity and activism.


Vagina Museum also host regular events, talks, workshops, and performances throughout the year. Check their event calendar to find out more.


Upcoming Temporary Exhibitions


Vagina Museum’s next temporary exhibition is set to open on 8 March 2024. ‘Museum of Mankind’ will be a parody exhibition highlighting misogyny and oppression throughout the history.


The exhibition was inspired by Museum of Dissent and originally started as a pop-up at Science Museum and Jewish Museum in 2019.


Kween Kream Café


Kween Kream Cafe within Vagina Museum London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Vagina Museum’s café is operated by Kween Kream, a queer and LGBTQIA+ friendly small business, built and being run by queers.


The café is open from Wednesday to Sunday serving cheeky fanny-themed cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, and cookies along with tasty coffee topped with some very feminine decoration (wink).


Bleeding Bun and Fanny Coffee at Kween Kream Cafe within Vagina Museum London

Bleeding Bun & Fanny Cappucino

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Some of their specialities:


Bleeding Buns

Bloomin’ Cupcakes

Pussy Cookies


Giant Meringue Tampon Desserts at Kween Kream Cafe within Vagina Museum London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Our personal favourite was the Giant Meringue Tampon made with white chocolate ganache, strawberry-flavoured sauce,  strawberry gummy string, and edible glitter.


Museum Shop


Museum Shop - Vagina Museum London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



By purchasing something at their shop, you can help cover running costs of Vagina Museum and open more exciting exhibitions and events.


The museum shop has an insane variety of products from T-shirts to jewellery to cups, mugs and cute stickers, alongside with books, postcards and – of course – period products.






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