Mind the Wap – Vagina Museum

So, there is a penis museum in Iceland, did you know that? However, that museum did not have a vagina equivalent anywhere in the world. And this was the case until 2019, when Vagina Museum opened its doors in the heart of London.


Fanny or Not Fanny

Vagina Museum

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Vagina Museum started its success story as a pop-up. They appeared all over in London at the most different events and places, such as Green Man Festival, Freud Museum or Feminist Library.

The museum settled in Camden Market in 2019. This was their first permanent premises, but in December 2021 they had to close their doors and move. They re-opened in March 2022 in Bethnal Green.


Their Mission

Vagina Museum London

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Vagina Museum’s mission is to raise awareness of the gynaecological anatomy, erase the stigma around the female body, promote intersectional, feminist, and trans-inclusive values, while acting as a forum for women’s rights, feminism, the LGBT+ community and the intersex community.


Muff Busters

Exhibition at Vagina Museum

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The museum offers free exhibitions, paid evening events, and other events to educate the public on this sensitive subject throughout the year.

One of their exciting exhibitions last year was running with the title of ‘Muff Busters: Vagina Myths and How to Fight Them’. The exhibition’s aim was to destroy gynaecological anatomy as a taboo subject. Because it still is! It’s shocking, but there are still more myths and legends about vagina – what it contains and how a normal one looks like – than facts.

Misinformation leads – even today in the 21st century – to unrealistic expectations, and prevents women from forming a healthy relationship with their own body.


Current Exhibition

‘Periods- A Brief History’ exhibition - Vagina Museum

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Vagina Museum is currently hosting ‘Periods: A Brief History’ exhibition which is sponsored by a well-known British brand: The Body Shop.


The exhibition highlights facts and stories about periods throughout history. How it was perceived, what issues women had to face when on their periods, and what issues the lack of understanding of human reproductive system caused.


Menstruation has been a taboo subject for hundreds of years in society and was falsely connected to serious illness, injury, or even mental health issues(!).


The exhibition highlights contemporary artworks, stories throughout history, and how the lack of understanding has impacted the lives of women even today in the 21st century.


Fanny Events


The museum regularly runs various events, such as comedy nights, quizzes, crocket classes, and more. Find out their upcoming events here.



Vagina Museum Shop

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Vagina Museum is a non-profit organisation. If you like what they do and want to support them on their mission, you can do so, by either donating or by simply purchasing something from their shop.

So, what can you buy in Vagina Museum’s shop? Well, everything…khm…fanny. Shirts, jewellery, keyrings, books (of course), stickers, greeting cards, and much more.


Other Ways to Support Vagina Museum


Join the Cliterati by becoming a member of Vagina Museum. To reward your support, you will get a welcome pack with a membership card, discounts, private invitations and views for special events and new exhibitions, and much more.


If you want to support the museum as a company, you can do so, by becoming a corporate member.


Do you share the vision of no one should be ashamed of their body and want to support the museum as a patron? The museum offers two tiers of their patron programme.


Feel like you want to support the museum but do not wish to become a member or a patron? You can make a donation.


See comedians, authors, and actors as ambassadors of Vagina Museum.



ENTER Cafe at Vagina Museum

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Why not complete your museum visit with a creamy coffee at ENTER Cafe within the building? Are you an artist and have a project? Another reason to visit ENTER. They provide space for artworks, performances, rehearsals, meetings and more.



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