The World’s Only Vampire-Themed Pizzeria – Lost Boys

Dark but cosy atmosphere, 80’s nostalgia, and black charcoal pizzas served with balsamic pentagram. This is Lost Boys Pizza, the world’s only vampire-themed pizzeria that is located in Camden.

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Inspired by the 1987 Classic Move: The Lost Boys

Lost Boys Pizza London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Inspired by the cult classic from 1987: The Lost Boys, the pizzeria looks very similar to the Frog Brother Comic Book Store in the horror movie.

The ceiling is clustered by black and white comic book pages, while the walls provide the perfect Insta backdrop with old comics and posters and a huge spooky mural.

The chandeliers made from skulls and bones and a huge red and white candle adds the finishing touch to the vampiric atmosphere.


Love at First Bite

The World's Only Vampire-Themed Pizzeria – Lost Boys

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The creative menu offers black charcoal pizzas, and there are gluten-free and vegan options too. Apart from the classic add-ons, you can ask a balsamic pentagram to be drawn on your pizza to maximise your experience.

We sank our teeth into ‘The Jack Skellington’ from the menu which came with butternut puree base, mozzarella, goats cheese, shallots, sundried tomato, red onion and balsamic pentagram.

It was light and crispy, yet filling, and looked really cool with its black dough and the pentagram.

Cocktails to Die For

Lost Boys Pizza - The Crypt

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The cocktail menu is just as creative as the pizza menu. Apart from the old classics, such as Negroni and Espresso Martini, they offer artistic and olds fashioned blends, like ‘Wild Kids Old Fashioned’ that includes Four Roses Bourbon, cherry cola reduction and bitters; or ‘Ryders on the Storm’ which is a refreshing blend of Four Roses, Ginger beer, lime, and bitters.

Black Wednesday

Lost Boys - The World's Only Vampire Pizzeria

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Every Wednesday is ‘Black Wednesday’ at Lost Boys Pizza.

Make sure you follow them on Instagram and check what’s the mystic incantation for that Wednesday. Whisper that to your server before ordering to unlock 2-4-1 pizza offer and Happy Hour drinks prices all night long.



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