Voluptuous Lips and Provoking Neon Installations – ‘Addicted to Love’ by Sara Pope and Eve de Haan

Contemporary artists Sara Pope and Eve de Haan united to present 30 of their artworks in a provoking exhibition: ‘Addicted to Love’ in Quantus Gallery. The exhibition contemplates beauty, perfection, desire, compassion, and generosity through feminine lenses.



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Voluptuous Lips by Sara Pope


Addicted to Love Exhibition at Quantus Gallery

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Sara Pope is well-known for her seductive paintings of voluptuous lips. She works with real models and asks them to express different emotions. She captures those emotions photographically and then uses the shots to paint her artworks. Sara uses different tricks, techniques, and lightings to create the perfect glossy seductive lips.

Sara’s artworks have been shown across London as well as internationally and she is the first female artists in over 70(!) years to have a piece of artwork in the Vatican Collection.


Provoking Neon Installations by Eve de Haan


Addicted to Love at Quantus Gallery

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Eve de Haan is best known for her provoking neon installations. She describes her artworks as progressive and positive. Eve believes lights add shade to the meaning of the words and elevate the artwork to another level to become more powerful and able to tell a complete story.

Eve de Haan’s neon artworks can be either proactive, challenging or comforting. She is currently influenced by technology and how it’s changing culture (especially youth culture), and the influence of digital environment on the cultural and individual behaviour.

She had numerous group and solo exhibitions in London and internationally since 2016.



Addicted to Love Exhibition by Sara Pope and Eve de Haan at Quantus Gallery

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The artworks of the two artists are perfect complement of each other. Sara’s glossy lips gain completely new meanings with Eve’s neon installations. The neon words give a voice to the glossy lips: the lips now can speak, communicate, ask questions, and tell stories in an even more creative way.


Quantus Gallery


Quantus Gallery London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Located in Shoreditch, one of London’s most vibrant areas, Quantus Gallery is dedicated to bring artists’ stories to life. Quantus Gallery supports the new generation of art by providing space for contemporary pop, street, and digital artists, including some well-known names while nurturing fresh and emerging talents.

Quantus Gallery regularly hosts events, such as launch nights, exclusive documentary screenings and networking events. Keep an eye on their website and social media for the latest events.


Practical Info


Quantus Gallery - Addicted to Love Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Eve de Haan and Sara Pope: Addicted to Love

8th February – 11th March 20233



Quantus Gallery

11-29 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX


Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 10am – 6pm

Friday & Saturday: 10am – 3:30pm

Sunday is by appointment only.

FREE entry. No booking required.




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