Must-Visit Museums this Halloween (Part 3) – Museum of Curiosities

Peek through the open door and you’ll see a surreal world full of creepy creatures, skeletons, and odd art, many of which might be disturbing to some. And this was just the absinthe bar connected to The Victor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & UnNatural History

The real museum is under the bar in the basement and is even more bizarre.


Watch video here.


Welcome to the Wunderkammer


Oddity - Museum of Curiosities

Photo: urban Adventurer


A narrow cast iron staircase leads to the basement to Museums of Curiosities. You descend to a rabbit hole where nothing makes a lot of sense; to a different world which is bizarre and sometimes even scarry but wakes up your curiosity and makes you wanting to discover more.

The space is small and narrow but is loaded with so many oddities that, if you really want to see everything, you could spend hours down there.


Occult Cabinet, Fairies, Dead Pets, Tribal Art and More


Preserved Animals at Museum of Curiosities

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Museum of Curiosities is divided into multiply sections, such as ‘Cabinet of Monsters’ that includes preserved animals in jars, while ‘Fairies, Mermaids & Giants’ section includes mummified fairies, the legbone of an Irish Giant, preserved remains of a mermen and more. ‘Magick & the Occult’ section includes a fully functioning Occult Temple, a jar of moles (yes, you read it right), Woodoo artefacts from West Africa, and an occult cabinet, just to name a few.


Mareman at Museum of Curiosities

Photo: Urban Adventurer


There are countless of other sections and artefacts to discover, including erotic-themed paintings, artworks and photos, mummified pets, a large collection of butterflies, creatures of the deep sea and human hair, including Elvis Presley’s hair, the hair of a Titanic survivor and an 18th-century human scalp.


Absinthe Parlour & Cocktail Bar


Absinthe Cockatil at Musuem of Curiosities

Photo: Urban Adventurer


I would highly recommend not to leave the museum without trying one of their absinthe cocktails at their absinthe parlour. Museum of Curiosities’ absinthe parlour has the largest collection of traditionally made absinthes.


Museum of Curiosities Absinthe Parlour

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Order an absinthe fountain, sip one of their absinthe cocktails or bring home a bottled absinthe or tasting set from the bottle shop.


Interested in occultism and occult cocktails?


Then you might want to take a look around the museum’s mini shop, where absinthe glasses & spoons, books, – such as a signed copy of ‘A Grimoire of Occult Cocktails & Drinking Rituals’ – artefacts, prints and more are available to purchase.

Find their online shop here.


Practical Info

NOTE: Due to the adult nature of some of the exhibits (dead people, erotica) under 18s are only allowed before 5pm and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



Victoria Buildings, 11 Mare St, London E8 4RP


Ticket Price

Admission includes a free cup of tea on request


Admission is £10

Concessions – £6

Locals living within walking distance with proof of address may buy £6 tickets on the door


Tuesday discount

Discounted tickets are £5 on Tuesdays (walk-in only)


£2.50 on Tuesdays (walk-in only) IF you order a drink at the bar



Opening Times 

Tuesday – Friday 15:00-23:00

Saturday 12:00 – 23:00

Sunday 12:00-22:00





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