Costa Coffee is Hosting a Pop-Up Bar to Celebrate the Launch of Their New Hot Milkshake Range

The UK’s favourite coffee shop, Costa Coffee have come up with a quirky new addition to their menu: hot milkshakes, and they are hosting an immersive pop-up during January and February.



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The Hot Milkshake Unbelieva-Bar


Costa The Hot Milkshake Unbelieva-Bar

Photo: Urban Adventurer



New research by Uncertainty Experts shows that the majority of Gen Z (90%) want to try new experiences in 2024 and this includes food and drink. 72% of them, however, are held back by uncertainty or fear.


The said research also shows that those who take the courage to try something new, increase their tolerance towards uncertainty and that holds lots of benefits.


The Hot Milkshake Unbelieva-Bar - White Chocolate and Strawberry Hot Milkshake Samples

Photo: Urban Adventurer


That’s why Costa Coffee decided to challenge their customers’ tastebuds and launched their new ground-breaking Hot Milkshakes range.


The Hot Milkshake Unbelieva-Bar - Salted Caramel Coffee Hot Milkshake Sample

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Three different flavours available: White Chocolate & Strawberry, Chocolate Hazel Nut and Salted Caramel Coffee.


The Hot Milkshake Unbelieva-Bar invites visitors for an unbelievable journey where they have a chance to try all three  Hot Milkshakes for free and get a full size of the one, they liked the most.


The Hot Milkshake Unbelieva-Bar - Chocolate Hazelnut Hot Milkshake Sample

Photo: Urban Adventurer


There are fun photo ops, live DJ and you even have a chance to win £500!


The Hot Milkshake Unbelieva-Bar - Photo Spot

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The immersive experience will last for about an hour and give visitors the opportunity to indulge in something new and discover the whole new world of Costa’s innovative Hot Milkshakes, including their new straw that works with hot liquid.


You will have to sip it to believe it!


Practical Info


The Hot Milkshake Unbelieva-Bar by Costa

Photo: Urban Adventurer




The Hot Milkshake Unbelieva-Bar by Costa Coffee




Unit 52, Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1AE


Opening Times

26 – 28 January

1 – 4 February

8 – 10 February


Book your time slot between 12pm – 7pm



The experience is free, but you have to book a time slot with £10 ticket fee which will be refunded when your ticket scanned at the entry.

Those who don’t show up will not be entitled to a refund.






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