Bounce Ping Pong

 Bounce is a ping pong themed bar where everything is revolving around bats and balls, and good food and cocktails.


Eat, drink, and Bounce

Bounce Ping Pong Photo: Urban Adventurer


Bounce currently have two locations, one in Old Street and one in Farringdon. Each of them is capable to welcome groups from 2 to 500 people and regularly host events and parties.


Although, walk-ins accepted, it’s highly recommended to book your table in advance to avoid disappointment.

When you arrive a basket of balls and bats (depending on your party size) are given to you and the staff will show your table. Once you’re there, you can start playing straight away or order food and drink straight to your table, so you don’t even have to put your bat down to sip your drink or have a bite.


Apart from classic ping pong tables, they have high-tech interactive Wonderball game tables, beer pong and shuffleboard. Click here to learn more about each game.


Quirky Vibes

Quirky Vibes

Photo: Urban Adventurer


On our visit at their Old Street venue, a quirky mural-painted building welcomed us. The interior was likewise playful and quirky with vibrant coloured walls and funny framed pictures.


On our arrival, we got our balls and bats and went downstairs. We had our own territory with a ping pong table, a standing table, and another table with seats.


Great Service – You’re the Kings and Queens


Photo: Urban Adventurer


We ordered our first cocktails before starting to play. To eat, we ordered ham & mushroom pizza. They were thin-crust and came with rich toppings. Yummy!

Whenever we needed something, we just pressed the ‘press for service’ button and someone came instantly. The staff was very helpful and friendly.


I haven’t played ping pong for years, so it was really fun to me to play it again. As we had a full basket of balls, we didn’t have to chase our balls around the venue all the time whenever we lost one. It was ok just to leave them to the staff to collect them and we took another one from the basket.

We were really taken care of during our session. We even allowed to play a bit more after our session ended. We had a wonderful time and will definitely go back again.



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