Luke Jerram: Gaia Returned to London for a Limited Time Only

The UK artist, Luke Jerram’s spectacular artwork, Gaia, has returned to London and free to visit, but for a very limited period of time only.


Watch video here.


The Blue Marble of Space


Luke Jerram - Gaia

Photo: Urban Adventurer



 The installation is 1.8 million times smaller than the real Earth, which means that each centimetre of the surface of the artwork is describing 18km on our real planet.

The monumental installation is 7 metres in diameter and brought to life from a 120dpi detailed NASA imagery, giving the opportunity for visitors to see our home planet in three dimensions and recreate that awe feeling astronauts often feel in space.


Gaia has Returned to London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



The aim of the artwork is to bring a new perspective to viewers of our planet by understanding that everything is connected to each other.

When presented indoors, Gaia slowly revolves, just like the real Earth. To enhance visitor experience a specially composed sound composition is being played, created by BAFTA Award winning composer, Dan Jones.


Gaia is a Touring Artwork


Gaia in London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Gaia is a touring artwork and has been displayed in multiply counties around the globe, including Taiwan, Australia, China, Italy, and of course the UK.

In London it was first exhibited in Natural History Museum in 2019 before it went for a global tour to return back to London at Old Royal Naval Collage in 2021.

Now after another global tour, Gaia has returned to London again, but only for a very short period of time.



 Where to See Gaia


Gaia is currently being exhibited in St John the Baptist Church from 28th  July – 6th August 2022

The installation is FREE to visit but visitors have to book a time slot in advance on Eventbrite.



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