Pick Pic – New Korean-Style Photo Booth and Coin Karaoke Opened in Shoreditch

Since K-pop bands have become super popular all over the world, Korean beauty shops, K-pop shops, and Korean-style photo booths have been opening everywhere in London. The newly opened Korean photo booth and coin karaoke Pick Pic is the newest addition to the trend.



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What is Korean Photo Booth?


Pick Pic - Korean Photo Booth London

The pink room at Pick Pic Korean photo booth London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Photo booths are currently super popular in South Korea. Couples, besties, and even K-pop idols take fun photos wearing cute or funny accessories. The photos are meant to tell a mini story in four cuts.


There are plenty of accessories provided and you can use them for free. There are glasses, headbands, hats and more!


Each booth is in different colour for different backgrounds, and they often do special collabs with K-pop bands, so you can snap photos with your favourite idol or band.


 Korea’s most popular photo booth, Life4Cuts opened their first shop in London in the beginning of this year and after only six months, they have five different locations all over in London.



Pick Pic – Korean Photo Booth and Coin Karaoke

138 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 6DG


Karaoke Room at Pick Pic Shoreditch

Coin Karaoke Room at Pick Pic Shoreditch

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Pick Pic take a step further and added their coin karaoke rooms.


Coin karaoke rooms are very popular is Korea right now. They are basically small rooms equipped with karaoke machines, microphones, a big screen, and party atmosphere where you can sing your heart out.


However, here you don’t need coins to do the experience. Simply, tell the staff how many minutes you want to do and pay by card after you’ve finished.


High Angle Photo Booth at Pick Pic Korean Photo Booth Shoreditch

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Another addition to the experience is the high angle photo booth.


Pick Pic do not just offer classic photo booths in different colours, but also a high angle booth that allows you to take more creative photos of yourself.


This is super fun, I’d encourage you try this room : )


Make sure you scan the QR code on your photos, so you can download not just the photo, but also a short video of you having fun in the photo booth.


Try and Shop Korean Beauty Products on the Spot


Oenir Korean Beauty Products at Pick Pic Shoreditch

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Oenir is a new lifestyle beauty brand attracting more and more attention in Korea these days. Pick Pic have a lovely beauty corner within the shop where you can try and shop lipsticks, blushers, mascara and more.


Grab your bestie or go solo and have fun!






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