Matty Bovan: ‘Ribbons’ – Free Immersive Installation at NOW Gallery

British designer Matty Bovan was awarded NOW Gallery Fashion Commission 2022. The award gives fashion designers the opportunity to create their own world within the curvy walls of the gallery in Greenwich Peninsula. Matty Bovan: ‘Ribbons’ opened last November and will be there for the public until 5th March 2023 to enjoy and even add their personal touch.



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More Than Just Ribbons


Photo: Urban Adventurer



Ribbons are more than just ribbons to Matty Bovan. Ribbons are the symbol of feminism and Boven’s aim was to create something large scale within NOW Gallery: something that blends fantasy and reality by playing with dark and light colours and creating a towering structure entirely knitted from ribbons.


'Ribbons by Matty Bovan at NOW Gallery

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Bovan spent weeks within the gallery knitting and trimming rainbow-coloured satin ribbons to build a ceiling-high tough structure visitors can hide within and create their own dream world, whether it’s abstract or literal.


Hidden Den Made of Ribbons - NOW Gallery

Photo: Urban Adventurer


‘Ribbons’ is a very interactive installation allowing visitors to add their personal touch by adding more ribbons in the colour of their choice by knitting, bowing, or knotting.

 People can explore the installation not just from the outside, but from the inside too. Hide away from the reality in a hidden den entirely made of colourful ribbons. Watch videos or simply enjoy the visual poem and let the shiny satin wrap you around.

Be a super model for a few minutes and pose like a star by wearing the ribbon artwork! Yes, that’s right! You can literally wear one of the artworks within the gallery. How cool is that! Check out the opening party on NOW Gallery’s TikTok.


Exclusive Merch by Matty Bovan - NOW Gallery

Exclusive Merch by Matty Bovan – Available at NOW Gallery

Photo: Urban Adventurer



If you feel totally fallen in love with ribbons by the end of your visit and don’t want to go home empty handed, we’re not blaming you. You can purchase exclusive limited-edition merch, designed by Matty Bovan on the spot.




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