London’s First Japanese-Style Maid Café Opened in Bloomsbury – Usagi Anime Maid Café

If you ever wanted to try a Japanese-style maid café, here’s your chance!  Usagi Anime Maid Café is the very first maid café in London and is a must-visit for all weebs.



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♬ 可愛くてごめん (feat. かぴ) – HoneyWorks


Usagi Anime Maid Café

17 Little Russell St, London WC1A 2HL


Usagi Anime Maid Cafe London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Usagi Anime Maid Café is located in the heart of Bloomsbury and probably the cutest café I’ve ever visited. (Make sure you book a visit before it gets super popular!)

On your arrival, cute maids and gentle butlers greet you with big smile. Your maid or butler who will serve you during your visit will be chosen randomly and he/she will be with you and serve you as their princess or master.


Usagi Maid Cafe London - Menu

Photo: Urban Adventurer


After escorting you to your table, your maid or butler is there for you to help with ordering, explain the house rules, serve your food, and drink and entertain. Maids and butlers are not just waiters and waitresses. They have different interests in anime, manga, cosplay, J-fashion and more, and they are there for you to have chat with, whether it’s about your favourite anime character, music, fashion, or anything else.

A wide selection of table games and Nintendo are available to play for free.


Kawaii Desserts, Magical Soda, and Special Maid Service


Kawaii Parfait at Usagi Anime Maid Cafe

Photo: Urban Adventurer


There are plenty of kawaii food and drink to choose from. From ‘Kawaii Parfait’ to their signature ‘Rabbit Waffle Set’ to main course and ‘Magical Soda’, everybody can find something that suit their taste.

To make your visit more special, most of the food and drink come with a special maid service. For example, they write or draw whatever you like with ketchup on your Omurice (Omurice is a Japanese omelette made with fried rice and fried scrambled egg). I wanted a cute bunny. ^^


Omurice at Usagi Anime Maide Cafe London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



The café offers special sets, such as Drink Set, Dessert Set, Main Course Set etc. Each set contains one cheki (polaroid photo) with your maid or butler.

Find the full menu here.




Cheki and Pin - Usagi Anime Maid Cafe London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Table games and Nintendo are free to use during your visit!

For some extra fee, you can play different small games, such as rock-paper-scissors, pop-up pirate or crocodile dentist, with your maid or butler for gifts to be won.

Find the games you can play with your maid or butler here.


Photo with Your Maid or Butler


Photoing or videoing the maids, butlers and other guests are not allowed, however for some extra, you can take a ‘Cheki’ with your maid/butler. It means, they take a polaroid photo of you and your maid/butler, and they will decorate it for you with kawaii drawings.

Make sure you use the cute accessories available for free to make your photo even more cute.


Turn Your Cheki into an Exclusive ID Card for Free – Usagi Identity Card


Cheki Identity Card at Usagi Anime Maid Cafe

Photo: Urban Adventurer


‘Cheki’ is not just a memory to keep! If you take an Usagi Cheki, they will turn it into a certified Cheki Identity Card that has multiply benefits to enjoy.

Cheki Identity Card is basically a loyalty card that they stamp every time you “back home” (visit the café) and you can get free drinks, food, gifts, and other surprises.

But this is not all!

With that card, you can register for Usagi Café’s special “masters & princesses-only” events!




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