Java Whiskers Cat Café – Westfield White City

Cat lovers, this one is for you! Java Whiskers opened their second cat café within Westfield White City last December. It’s  is not just a cat café where you can enjoy the presence of feline purring residents, but it’s actually a foster home for homeless cats. It means, all the kitties are looking for a fur-ever home.



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Paw-sitive Vibes


Java Whiskers Cat Cafe - Westfield White City

Photo: Urban Adventurer


It’s a scientific fact that cats have positive effect on both physical and mental well-being. Whether you book your visit to the calm and relaxing Cat Lounge or the playful and fun Kitten Lounge, you’ll be guaranteed all the paw-sitive vibes to ease stress and recharge your soul.

Java Whiskers Café have been designed with cats in mind. There are elevated shelves and walkways for cats to climb and play on and lots of ‘escape spaces’ for them to take a break, sleep or relax.



  • Java Whiskers have an age restriction: no children under 10 are allowed at the venue
  • There’s a no-shoe policy, meaning you’ll be asked to take off your shoes on entering the Cat Lounge or Kitten Lounge

The Menu


Java Whiskers at Westfield White City

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The menu contains all-time sweet and savoury favourites, from sandwiches, to croissants to cakes and special selections of cones. There is a healthy selection of hot and cold drinks, including Matcha Latte, Chai Latte, Rose Lemonade, and juices.

Alcoholic beverages will also be available soon.

Afternoon Tea


Afternoon Tea at Java Whiskers Cat Cafe Westfield White City

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Java Whiskers offer afternoon tea experience with luxurious sweet and savoury items, fruits, and drink of your choice. It’s served in the Cat Lounge, and you can book slots for either 1h 25min or 1h 55min to enjoy your afternoon tea and the furry felines’ company with huge purr-sonalities.


Waiting for a Fur-Ever Home


Rescued Cat at Java Whiskers Cat Cafe Westfield White City

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Java Whiskers is not just a café where visitors can spend an adorable day-out with cute cats. It’s also a temporary foster home for homeless cats. The café is working together with The Scratching Post Cat Rescue to help finding new fur-ever homes and loving families to the cats.

So, if you’re hit by Cupid’s arrow and feel you’ve found your feline soul mate, all you need to do is to fill in the online application form and follow the instructions.


Learn more about each cat and kitty on Java Whiskers’ website.

In both Stockholm and London, Java Whiskers have successfully rehomed over 230 cats! 😻




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