Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – The Cat Heaven

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is the largest running cat café in the UK, and a true wonderland for those missing cat company from their everyday lives. The Alice in Wonderland themed 2-story café is a purr-fect place for a tranquil break in the rushing city life.

The Booking

You can book your visit online and the options are flexible.

If you just want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, lose yourself in the fairy tale scene and play with the cats, you might want to choose the standard entry. Standard entry allows you a 90-minute session to spend with the cats, but no food and drink included. You can, however, order drink or food from the a la carte menu any time.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium Menu

If you want to enhance your experience, choose the High Tea experience. High Tea experience allows you a 90-minute session with the cats and a selection of yummy cakes, scones and sandwiches and of course, tea of your choice.

On Your Arrival

Cat Cafe in London

On your arrival you can order a drink initially while waiting to be seated, but you can order anything from the menu during your visit (except the High Tea menu. You have book that initially).

While waiting, you can purchase lovely cat accessories and essentials to treat yourself or your kitten at home.

The Venue

The 2-story venue is a cat heaven. The cats have free access between the two stories. They have their own routes and tunnels to use.

The atmosphere couldn’t be more magical. There is a giant enchanted tree in the middle of the room which is connected with the selves on the wall by a suspension bridge and secret tunnels inside the tree.

The cats have lots of cozy boxes (one is Mad Hatter’s giant hat from Alice in Wonderland) to rest and sleep and plenty of toys, visitors can use to play with the cats.

The Cats

Lady Dinah's Cats London

Most of the cats are rescue cats who came from the streets and they can be adopted. Other cats, like Teddy, are currently being fostered.

The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. They know each cat’s individual personality and really put the cats and their welfare into the first place.

Ask anything, the staff is happy to answer your questions and happy to introduce the café, the decoration and the cats, and tell interesting and funny stories. They love playing with the cats and happy to bring you toys and show you which toy is which cat’s favourite.

House Rules

Alice in Wonderland Themed Cat Cafe

There are some easy but mandatory house rules to follow in order for keeping up a safe and relaxed environment for both the cats and the visitors. This not an ordinary café shop after all.

These house rules are introduced and explained to you before being seated in the café.

Supporting Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah's Cats

Keeping feline furry Kings and Queens in the style they deserve and provide them all the essential medical care and high-quality food is costly. That’s why the Cat Emporium have booking fee even if you just book a regular visit without food and drink.

You can support Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium by adding an exclusive kitten mask to your purchase when booking, ordering food or drink on your visit, purchasing a gift card to treat someone special or ordering something adorable from their online gift shop.

Have a paw-some time!

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