London’s First French Toast Bar – Crome London

London’s first French toast bar has opened its doors in Westminster in July. Crome London gives a twist to your favourite brunch classics. Their menu is inspired by the food and drink trends of the future. The futuristic silver and blue interior provide a perfect backdrop for the indulging and picture-perfect food and drink.

Crome London

Crome London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The name of the bar comes from a Greek word ‘khroma’ that means compounds, layers, and colour. These elements tie the brand offerings together and refer to the perfectly blended coffee, milk, and ice.

These elements are not just present within their coffee specialities though, but also within their food and interior.


Element #1 – The Food

Stuffed Nutella & Caramel Popcorn at Crome London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Crome London takes French toast making and serving to the next level. Their signature toasts are either finished with savoury or sweet toppings. Chilli cheese, smashed avocado, feta & poached egg, Nutella & caramel popcorn, caramelised banana and many more options to try.

I went for a ‘Stuffed Nutella & Caramel Popcorn’ toast. It was a mountain of Nutella stuffed toast that was topped with more Nutella sauce, caramel popcorn, brownie pieces and cookie dough.


Element #2 – The Drink

Ube Frappe at Crome London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Crome has so many picture-perfect coffee specialities, it’s almost impossible to choose from.

Pistachio Spanish Latte, Red Velvet Spanish Latte, Matcha in Blue, Iced Tiramisu, and not even mention their signature coffees, called ‘Crome Coloured Lattes’, like Liquid Gold, Ruby Rose, Black Charcoal, frappes and much more.

I tried the purple ‘Ube Frappe’ a vanilla flavoured frappe that comes with milk foam and whipped cream, topped with Ube powder. Ube is a ground substance that is made from purple yams, also known as purple sweet potato. It has a vanilla-like flavour.


Element #3 – The Interior

Time to Shine - Crome Cafe

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The interior is super photogenic. The main colours are silver, ice blue and shades of pastel.

Blue and silver neon signs are literary everywhere to enhance your Insta pics. Oh, and look up! Even the ceiling is photogenic. Time to shine!

Crome London French Toast Bar

Photo: Urban Adventurer


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