Adult Only Funfair in Canary Wharf – Fairgame

“A funfair. Exactly like you don’t remember.” Says the website of London’s first adult-only funfair, Fairgame. Prosecco flavoured candyfloss, classic fairground games and boozy slushies. 18+ only.



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Prosecco-Infused Candy Floss and Boozy Slushies


Fairgame - Canary Wharf

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Located on the riverside of Canary Wharf, London’s first adult funfair, Fairgame is unmissable by a giant yellow inflatable duck floating on the river.

Fairgame brings back your childhood memories at funfairs when you wished the fun would last forever.


Boozy Slushy with Edible Straw at Fairgame Canary Wharf

Frozen Margarita with edible straw

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The 20,000 sq ft venue features a riverside terrace, three ‘bumper bars’ serving cocktails, craft beer and boozy slushies with edible straw, a number of street food vendors and a candy stand with Prosecco-infused candyfloss and other boozy sweets.


Re-Awake Your Inner Kid


Prosecco-Flavoured Candyfloss at Fairgame

Prosecco-flavoured candyfloss at Fairgame

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Fairgame is an adult only venue. You must be over 18 to enter.

The funfair features all your childhood favourite games with every game hooked up to innovative RFID tech and digital leader boards. This is the funfair, exactly like you don’t remember.


How to play

Games tickets are £15pp (18+)


RFID Card at Fairgame Canary Wharf

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Book your tickets online and once you’ve received the confirmation email, follow the link provided to register your team (or you can play solo if you want 👍).

On your arrival, you’ll get your RFID card. Scan the QR code on the back of the card and log in. Now you can track your team scores on your phone.

Your gaming session starts 30 minutes from your arrival. This allows you to have some food and drink or use the cloak room.

You can play all the games twice by simply touching your card on the card reader. You have 75 minutes to play all the games.


Adult Only Funfair - Fairgame London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Feel free to order some drink at the bar and bring it to the gaming area. There are handy glass holders at each game to keep your drink safe while you’re playing.

Be as competitive or sociable as you want to be. Finish on the top of the leader board to win a candyfloss or a cute pink one-eyed teddy. 🧸🩷

Friendly members of staff are always at hand if you need any help with the games.


Food Hall at Fairgame Canary Wharf

Photo: Urban Adventurer


After finishing your games, you can stay at the food hall or the outdoor terrace for as long as you like.

Perfect Summer day out with friends!




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