London’s First Hand-Drawn 2D Candy Store – Candy Baba

Candy Baba, London’s very first hand-drawn 2D candy store opened in New Cross selling all your childhood favourites.



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Candy Baba – London’s First Hand-Drawn 2D Emporium

3 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6PP


Candy Baba - London's First 2D Candy Store

Photo: Urban Adventurer


You’ve probably seen viral videos of 2D cafés in Japan or those 2D cakes that look just like they jumped straight out from a comic book.

Well, if you ever wished you could step into a 2D monochrome world while enjoying your all-time favourite sweets, Candy Baba is a must-visit.

Candy Baba opened in less than a month but it’s a social media sensation, already. TikTokers and Instagrammers flock to post about London’s new sensation.

Founder, Sarah told me that she did a lot of research to find a concept that really catches the visitors and give them that ‘wow’ factor. So, she decided for a 2D monochrome design and what a brilliant idea it was!

All the artworks within the shop are hand-drawn by an amazingly talented artist who decorated the whole shop, including the furniture, within ten days!

Watch video of the decoration in progress here.


2D Candy Store in London - Candy Baba

Photo: Urban Adventurer


While I was in the shop, kids and adults stopped to take a quick look inside and make compliments. “We just wanted to say that this shop is amazing.” – said a group of kids as peeking through the door.

There are plenty of photo opportunities within the shop. Sit on a 2D bench, take a mirror selfie, or pose in front of the 2D counter…oh, and don’t forget to look up!


Ah, those sweet childhood memories…


Retro Candy Jar at Candy Baba

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Candy Baba brings back your sweetest childhood memories by offering a huge selection of retro candies, such as Fizz Wiz popping candy, candy necklace, sweet jars, liquorice, retro pick ‘n’ mix and more.

They have a great selection of vegan and Halal candies, too! If you cannot decide, don’t worry! Grab a vegan taster bag for just £1 and try 8-10 different vegan candies!


Retro Candy Jar and Vegan Taster Bag at Candy Baba

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Looking for something more extravagant and fun? Sink your teeth into a gummy hamburger, get your chopsticks ready for a box of candy sushi or try a funny lollipop that looks like there was a bitcoin in your mouth.

You can even win a gummy pizza candy box if you can find all the 2D mice painted on the walls and the ceiling (it’s not that easy as you might think : ))


Candy Baba is Not Just a Candy Shop


Candy Baba London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Candy Baba is not just a candy shop! They will host regular parties and events within the store in the future.

Keep an eye on their Instagram and TikTok for details about their upcoming events.





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