London’s First Vegan Rainbow Burger Bar – Flower Burger

Flower Burger found a perfect balance between vegan cuisine and burger culture. They opened their first shop in Charlotte Street this January. The menu features colourful 100% plant-based burgers, appetisers, – such as ‘Gnome burger’, the miniature version of Flower Burger – sides, and sweets.


Taste the Rainbow!

Tartar Chickpea Burger - Flower Burger

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The Flower Burger team always look for natural ingredients and colourings to give their burgers the signature vibrant rainbow colours. They use turmeric, beetroot, and spirulina to get the yellow, purple, green and pink colours for their in-house buns.


The Interior

Flower Burger Charlotte Street

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The kaleidoscopic interior matches the colours of the burgers while creating an atmosphere of the ’70s hippy culture and clubbing world. Flowers dominate not only the walls, but the ceiling as well, symbolising of love, joy, and positivity.


Vegan Rainbow Burger at Flower Burger

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The yellow submarine wall painting downstairs reminds us to The Beatles’ iconic song.

Take a mini venue tour.


The Menu

Flower Burger Menu

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Burgers on offer include the Cherry Bomb, that comes with sexy pink bun, lentil and basmati rise patty, tomato, soybean sprouts, ‘Rocktail’ sauce, lettuce, and cheddar. ‘Rocktail’ sauce is one of their own sauce inventions, containing a mix of ketchup, mayo, and mustard, with a twist of apple vinegar, nori algae and an alcoholic note of Brandy.

The Tartar Chickpea burger is served with violet bun, chickpea patty and ‘Tartarella’ sauce which is Flower Burger’s version of French tartare sauce. It contains pickles, Dijon mustard, apple vinegar, cappers, and their secret ingredient, carum ajowan seeds.


Flower Burger London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 Jungle Burger is the green one. It come with green bun with black sesame seeds, oat and red bean patty, oven baked courgettes, tomato, lettuce, cheddar and ‘Wild’ sauce. ‘Wild’ sauce is a smoky BBQ sauce made with tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, Dijon mustard, dried onion, pickles, and other ingredients.

Funky Chickpea is one of the yellow burgers served with chickpea patty, mayo, ketchup, tomato, cheddar, and lettuce. The spicy version of this is the Spicy Chickpea to which spicy sauce and Tropea onion tartare are added.

All burgers can come as a menu with a side of your choice and water, soft drink, or beer.


Flower Burger is open 7 days a week 12-10pm

43 Charlotte St, London W1T 1RS



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