Things Go ǝpᴉsdՈ uʍoᗡ this Year – Stranger Things Experience

Do you copy? Things getting ǝƃuɐɹʇs here. After New York and San Francisco, Stranger Things: The Experience has arrived in London. Participate in a study in Hawkins Lab, unlock your superpower and manipulate your surroundings with the help of special effects and enjoy that 80s nostalgia.


The immersive experience runs from August to November 2022.


Tick tock, tickets are selling fast! Grab yours on Fever.

Watch video here.


Be a Test Subject at Hawkins Lab

“Once you open up that curiosity door, anything is possible.” – Mr. Clarke



Stranger Things Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Would you dare to be a volunteer test subject at Hawkins Lab?


Participate in a 1-hour interactive experience at Hawkins Lab where you will be in the centre of a brand-new Stranger Things story line. Enjoy amazing special effects, unlock your superpower, and interact with your fav characters, survive a trip in the ǝpᴉsdՈ uʍoᗡ and save Hawkins.

Since friends don’t lie, I must warn you that the experience is top secret, meaning that participants are not allowed to photo or video during the experience, and I don’t want to spoiler it here either.


Mix-Tape Medley



The Byers' Living Room - Stranger Things Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer



After you have successfully saved Hawkins, you’ll have a chance to experience that nostalgic feeling of the glorious 1980s. Mix-Tape is a mix experience room with plenty of photo opportunities, themed food and drink and limited edition merchandise.



Vecna - Stranger Things

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Snap a photo in the iconic living room of the Byers’, play retro arcade games at Place Arcade, or meet Vecna (if you dare).


Upside Down Cocktail - Stranger Things Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Sip a Stranger Things-themed cocktail, munch a ‘Surfer Boy Pizza’ or shove your face into ‘Scoops Ahoy’ ice cream miracle.


Scoops Ahoy - Stranger Things

Photo: Urban Adventurer

Original Movie Props


Have You Seen Me Poster - Stranger Things

Photo: Urban Adventurer



 Don’t forget to visit the original props on display, such as the “Have You Seen Me” poster featured in Season 1, or the walkie talkies featured throughout Seasons 1, 2, and 3.



Movie Props from Stranger Things

Photo: Urban Adventurer


On your way out of the experience, don’t forget to take a selfie with the iconic yellow Surfer Boy Pizza van.


The Iconic Yellow Surfer Boy Pizza Van

Photo: Urban Adventurer




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