Welcome to Sherlock Holmes’ Official Home – The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Did you know that the most famous address in the world is ‘221B, Baker Street’? That’s the official address of the world-renowned fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes and his devoted friend, Doctor Watson. Today 221B, Baker Street gives home to The Sherlock Holmes Museum.



221B, Baker Street – Is that a Real Address?


221B Baker Street

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As we all know Sherlock Holmes’ official address is 221B, Baker Street, where he and his loyal partner Doctor John H. Watson had been living from 1881 to 1904.


Did you know, however, that the address technically does not exist? Not even today. How is that possible?


Inside The Sherlock Holmes Museum London

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Well, according to History House’s article, when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel was released, there was no such address in London. The address 221B, Baker Street, where the museum is located today, is a special one, recognised by the Post Office. The building’s real number, in fact, is 239. In addition to that, at the time when the books were written, the name of the street was Upper Baker Street.


‘221B, Baker Street’ was registered in 1990 during the creation of the museum.

The plate saying ‘221B, Baker Street’ was added to the museum 12 years after the museum’s opening, in 2002.



Inside The Sherlock Holmes Museum


The Sherlock Holmes Museum London

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Upon your arrival you are greeted by a friendly ‘Bobby’ wearing traditional uniform.

The four-storey Georgian townhouse is furnished exactly as in the novels. Even the minor details fully correspond to the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The gift shop and a small sitting room is located on the first floor. Here you can purchase walk-in tickets if you haven’t purchased them online.


Walk-in tickets are always available!


The Sherlock Holmes Museum Shop

Deerstalkers in The Sherlock Holmes Museum shop

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The gift shop is full of amazing exclusive items even Sherlock would love, including ‘Sherlocks Mystery Solving Solution Gin’, magnifying glass, deerstalker (of course!), mini deerstalker for cats and dogs (how adorable!), wristwatch and more!

The bedroom and the small living room – where Sherlock Holmes accepted his clients – are on the second floor.

The landlady’s Mrs Hudson’s bedroom is on the third floor as well as Doctor Watson’s room. Doctor Watson’s revolver is one of the visitors’ favourite items.

On the fourth floor there is a small museum of wax figures, including Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, Neville St. Clair, and Professor James Moriarty, among others.



 Smiley Facts


Sherlock Ducks - The Sherlock Holmes Museum London

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Did you know that very soon after the publication of the Sherlock Holmes stories, people began to write letters to the detective asking for his help in the most different cases?

The Post Office delivered those letters to building community Abbey National which was located at 215-229 Baker Street. Abbey National was operating there for 70(!) years from 1932 to 2002. The building community kept receiving a mind-blowing number of letters, and they decided to answer them. In their answer, they said Sherlock Holmes had been retired and was not doing business anymore.





Ready for your next adventure? After visiting the museum, why not board on the Bakerloo line and visit The Sherlock Holmes Pub for some traditional lunch or dinner?