Erotic-Themed Restaurant Opened in London – Naked Soho

Warning! Sensitive content! 


Here they cum! Celebrating the glory of the human body, sexuality and freedom, Naked Soho creates a safe place and welcomes everyone: straight, gay, queer, trans, S&M fetishes to enjoy sex-themed food and drink while encouraging them to be what they really want to be.


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Get Naked


Naked Soho - Sexy-Themed Restaurant

Photo: Urban Adventurer


All the decoration, plates and cups are hand-made by a small local art company,  Gashtrays.

 Gashtrays is a ceramic line specialised for “the glorious curves”, celebrating the real body, embracing positivity, and challenging the shaming and stigma around natural body.



Sensitive Content


Naked Soho - Sexy Restaurant

Sensitive Content

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Shortly after their grand opening, Naked Soho had to close temporary because locals kept knocking on their doors, asking to cover the adult artworks, genital sharing platters and penis bowls visible from the streets to ‘protect’ people. Even Westminster City Council visited the restaurant after the complaints.

Naked Soho spent days to figure out how to cover their windows while preserving the restaurant’s original theme, and they ended up with a very creative idea.


NSFW Food and Dessert


Sexy Food at Naked Soho

NSFW Tapas

Smoked salmon, smashed avocado,  feta cheese, black pepper and lemon

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Naked Soho is not for everyone. When they talk about sex-themed food, they really mean it.

Their coffees come with chocolate penis.

Order tapas and you’ll get loaded male-shaped grilled bread, served on a penis platter.

Fancy a dessert? How about a willy waffle?

Want to share the pleasure? Order a sharing platter, but don’t be surprised if it comes on a giant penis platter with mini titty bowls.


Drink from a D!ck


Sexy Drink at Naked Soho

Pornstar Martini

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The cocktails at Naked Soho are all for adults only, and not just because they contain alcohol. Get your drink served in a male-shaped glass and take part in the ‘The Sloppy Blowjob’ challenge where the waiter handcuffs your hands, and you have to drink your shot from that willy glass without any help.


Some find London’s first sexy-themed restaurant funny and entertaining, while others would close it immediately. One is thing is for sure: London has never experienced anything like this before!

Would you visit Naked Soho?




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