Add a Quack to Your Life – Duck World

If you’re a rubber duck fan, make sure you float your way to Leicester Square because Duck World opened an adorable shop dedicated to collectable rubber ducks.



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Duck World

60 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 7JD


Duck World London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Located near Leicester Square, Duck World is a heaven for rubber duck collectors.


Duck World is all about rubber ducks in any form and shape to bring joy and smile on anyone’s face who enter the shop.


The shelves are full of whimsical rubber ducks. From the classic yellow Uno Duck to limited edition collectable ducks to characters from British history, and Hollywood blockbusters, you’ll definitely find something you want to bring home with you.


Whether you’re a tourist on the hunt for quirky souvenir, a collector looking for your next piece of gem, or someone who love cute things, Duck World is a must-visit when you’re around Leicester Square.


So, what kind of rubber ducks you can find at Duck World?

Here are a few example:

All Might Duck from My Hero Academia, Zodiac duck, Shakespeare duck, Mona Lisa duck, Power Rangers ducks, Lord of the Ducks Rings, Goth Duck, President ducks, Duck to the Future, pirate ducks, Ghost Duckters and the list goes on.


The History of Rubber Ducks


Power Rangers Rubber Ducks at Duck World London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Rubber ducks, in fact, have a rich history dating back to the 19th century. The iconic yellow bath toy was made from hard rubber until the 1940s when factories began making the toy from soft vinyl material. This transformation increased the popularity of rubber ducks because they became more child-friendly and buoyant.


The popularity of rubber ducks skyrocketed in the 1970s when cartoon character, Ernie from the popular TV show, ‘Sesame Street’ sang a song: ‘Rubber Duckie’.


Over the decades the classic yellow bath toy has become collectable and come out in all sizes, forms, and shapes. Rubber ducks have appeared in commercials, movies, media, and art installations and become the symbol of childhood nostalgia and innocent fun.


Today rubber ducks continue their success around the world, cherished by children and grown-ups alike.


So, next time you’re around Leicester Square, make sure you duck your way to Duck World for one or two quack-some quirky souvenir.





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