The Real Bridgerton Residence – Ranger’s House Greenwich

 Popular Netflix series, Bridgerton, has just launched its 3rd season. Did you know that the real Bridgerton residence is in London, and anyone can visit it? It’s called Ranger’s House, located in Greenwich and it acts as the Bridgerton family’s home’s exterior.



???? [BLOG POST IN BIO] Did you know that you can visit the real Bridgerton Residence in London? ????It’s called Ranger’s House and located in Greenwich Interesting facts: Ranger’s House was initially put forward as the Featherington House, not the Bridgerton’s Ranger’s House has welcomed home members of the royal family, politicians and aristocrats Ranger’s House, in reality, was never a family home Ranger’s House was used for outdoor filming only The indoor filming were taken place at another location The house is a museum today ???? Click on the link in bio for more interesting facts about the real Bridgerton House #bridgerton #bridgertonnetflix #bridgertonfamily #bridgertontiktok #CapCut

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About Ranger’s House



The Bridgerton Family in front of the Ranger's House - Image Source - English Heritage

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Ranger’s House was built in the 18th century by Admiral Francis Hosier, a naval officer, and he used the house as a private property.


After the death of Admiral Hosier, the house passed through the hands of several private owners. In its 300-year history, the house was even owned by members of the royal family, including Augusta, Duchess of Brunswick, the elder sister of George III as well as Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester, a niece of George III.


It was in the early 19th century when the house was renamed ‘Ranger’s House’ and became the official residence of The Ranger of Greenwich Park.


However, Ranger of Greenwich Park wasn’t really a job at all. Instead, it was a title with no responsibilities but with various entitlements, including a place to live or an income.



Ranger’s House has changed its purpose multiple times over the centuries. It was used as changing rooms and tea room and the grounds were converted into bowling green and tennis court when London City Council took ownership of the property in 1901.


The house became the headquarter of No.2 Reserve Horse Transport Depot during the WWI.


Ranger’s House was damaged during the WWII by bombing and, as result, part of the building was later demolished. It came into the care of English Heritage in 1986 and opened to the public.


Today Ranger’s House is operating as a museum showcasing treasures of the Wernher Collection.


Medieval jewellery, Italian ceramics, Renaissance paintings, British portraits and 18-century French furniture are all part of the impressive collection.


Despite of the damage during the WWII and the changes over the centuries, many of the original features of the building are still there. Ranger’s House still has its original flooring, lavish works of art as well as portraits and pictures.



How was Ranger’s House Chosen for Bridgerton?


The Real Bridgerton Residence – Ranger’s House Greenwich

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Netflix was looking for a large house that can well present an upper-class family with its bright and vibrant world.


The Bridgerton family needed a large yet welcoming house. It was also important for the house to be unique compared to its neighbours.


Originally Ranger’s House did not match these criteria, therefore the house was not pitched for the Bridgertons. Instead, producers of the series wanted it to be the Featherington House and another house for the Bridgertons.


However, the locations were eventually swapped and with the help of some CGI visuals and some cosmetic details, Ranger’s House became the perfect Bridgerton family home.


Transforming Ranger’s House to Bridgerton Family Home


The Bridgerton Residence - Ranger's House Greenwich

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One of the most popular additions are the blooming Wisteria.


Originally, there is no Wisteria at the front house, so the Bridgerton team built a custom-made Wisteria design for the property using branches and material fabric for the flowers.


To mount all the flowers on the front was a bit of a challenge, because the team needed to build a scaffold that hold the whole structure without damaging the historical building.


Other changes included new paint for the front door, new door knobs, gravel spread over the walkway and planting cherry blossom trees, wild roses and ivy on the gates and railing to create a romantic botanical fantasy.


All modern objects and signs were removed in and around of the building, including doorbells, exterior lights and intercom systems as well as signs from the walls of the building and the gates.


Bridgerton vs. Reality


The Real Bridgerton House in Greenwich

Photo: Urban Adventurer



In 1813, when Bridgerton’s first series is set, Ranger’s House was occupied by Augusta, Duchess of Brunswick.


The house would have been enjoyed in a similar way as in the series, however, there are some differences.


Although Ranger’s House had had lots of different owners during the centuries, it was never really a family home. Instead, it was a home for individuals. The house, however, would have been regularly used for social gatherings.


As for the exterior of the house, it hasn’t really changed. It looks pretty similar to what it looked like back in 1813.


The difference between reality and the Netflix series is that the house wouldn’t have been dressed so elaborately as presented in Bridgerton. There would have been no Wisteria, no wild roses or other flowers, just solid brick walls and iron gates.


Netflix has recently released the 3rd season of Bridgerton and if you’re a fan of it, you definitely want to visit its iconic location in Greenwich and recreate the photo of the Bridgerton family in front of the house.


Book your visit here.







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