London’s Prettiest Matcha Bar – How Matcha

Located in the heart of Marylebone, How Matcha is passionate about the magic green powder that they sell in the most Instagrammble forms possible.


Matcha Facts

How Matcha Marylebone

Photo: Urban Adventurer


  • Matcha contains less caffeine than coffee yet gives you more energy for longer period of time. This is because matcha releases caffeine slower than coffee
  • Because it gives you just the right amount of natural caffeine, matcha helps maintaining a healthy heart and doesn’t cause headache
  • Matcha is packed with antioxidants which help keeping your skin fresh and healthy
  • Matcha increases your focus and concentration, and soothes stress and anxiety


Pretty in Pink and Green

London’s Prettiest Matcha Bar – How Matcha

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The shop is a little jewellery box. It’s tiny but adorably pretty. The dominant colours are pink and green, and the walls are decorated with pretty neon signs and flowers giving the perfect backdrop for your Insta pics.


Healthy, Tasty, and Insta-worthy

How Matcha

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 Their store in Marylebone serves wide range of Instagrammable and healthy drinks and sweets. Apart from the three different types of matcha latte, they serve matcha bubble tea, matcha lemonade, matcha frappe and much more. In addition, you can boost your drink with CBD, collagen, MCT Oil or tapioca.

They have a wide variety of matcha flavoured cakes, including matcha mille crepe cake, matcha cookie, pistachio & rose cake, matcha marshmallow and more. Check what’s currently available in the shop.

If you’re an ultimate fan of matcha, they have matcha powder and gift set available in store and online.


Happy matcha time!



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