Free Immersive Experience – LuYang NetiNeti

Immerse into the world of anime, videogames and sci-fi.  LuYang NetiNeti, is a new immersive experience inviting you to a fantastical, sometimes shocking, yet humorous world by blending modern technology, Buddhism, and art.

Chinese multimedia artist, LuYang opened their first solo exhibition: LuYang NetiNeti in Zabludowicz Collection  on 22nd September 2022.


Watch mini video tour here.


Anime, Gaming, Sci-Fi, and Buddhism


LuYang - DOKU

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The title of the exhibition is LuYang NetiNeti where ‘neti neti’ comes from Sanskrit and has the meaning ‘neither this, not that’. The main focus of the exhibition is on the artist’s own avatar, DOKU that has been created using CGI animation and motion tracking.

During the whole exhibition, six different versions of DOKU appear, representing the six paths of Buddhist reincarnation: Hell, Heaven, Hungry Ghost, Animal, Asura and Human.



The Main Hall – Heaven and Hell


LuYang DOKU - Heaven and Hell

Photo: Urban Adventurer


We can follow DOKU’s transformations through the Main Hall, where DOKU’s Heaven and Hell characters engage in a dance on a yin yang symbol and transform into a completely new character: the binary god.


Still in the Main Hall we can witness DOKU being on an airplane encountering their six different selves while going through numerous perceptions. This video is called DOKU the self (2022) and was first shown in Venice at the Venice Biennale in this year.


Mezzanine – Earth, Water, Fire and Air


LuYang - Electromagnetic Brainology

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The next video installation on the Mezzanine level of the Main Hall is Electromagnetic Brainology (2017). It features four gods related to the four ‘great elements’: earth, water, fire, and air. Each god wields a wand and strengthen themselves into super gods to triumph over depression and increase happiness and human potential.


The Middle Gallery – Thought-Provoking Collaborations from the Past


LuYang - Zabludowicz Collection

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The Middle Gallery showcases some thought-provoking collaborations the artist made in the past with J-pop idols, scientists, and music producers. The videos include the Zabludowicz Collection work LuYang Delusional Crime and Punishment (2016) and Uterus Man (2013) which is about sexualised anime superhero genres.



The Back Gallery – Interactive Arcade


LuYang NetNeti - Arcade

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The Back Gallery is transformed into an interactive arcade where visitors can play with retro arcade games. In the centre of the space is Material World Knight project (2018-) in which game a number of LuYang’s earlier characters appear.

You can sit on a motorbike and fight against villains as Uterus Man or play Cancer Baby (2014) which is a Space Invader-style video game.


About the Artist



Photo: Urban Adventurer


LuYang graduated with a BA and MA from the New Media Art department of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.

The artist is famous for creating futuristic – sometimes shocking – worlds in collaboration with pop stars, robotics companies, music producers, composers, designers, and performers.

The artist blends psychology, religion, and modern technology – including virtual reality and neuroscience – to create an anime-like universe to investigate the mysteries of human body and mind, and mechanics.



Practical Information



Zabludowicz Collection | 176 Prince of Wales Rd, London NW5 3PT


Opening Times

 22 September 2022–12 February 2023

 Thursday – Sunday 12–6pm



FREE – NO booking required




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