Happy Chinese New Year – 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit

Lion dance, workshops, special performances, and family-friendly events are taken place in Chinatown, London to celebrate Chinese New Year, the year of the Rabbit.

This year Chinese New Year falls on 22nd January and the celebrations are running until the 5th February.



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Chinese New Year Parade


Chinese New Year Parade in London 2023

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The main celebration was taken place yesterday, in the framework of the Chinese New Year Parade.

The parade started at 10am with long colourful dragons (Dragon is the Chinese symbol of good fortune) being carried through the streets by dancers all the way from Trafalgar Square to Chinatown. At Trafalgar Square special performances were taken place throughout the day.

Lion Dance and Festive Treats


Lion Dance at Chinese New Year Festival in London 2023

Photo: Urban Adventurer


There were lion dances multiply times throughout the day. Traditionally, lion dancers visit every shop and restaurant in Chinatown to give good luck to the businesses for the year to come.

In the evening, there were more performances and different workshops to join, from calligraphy to lantern making, alongside with traditional food and drink, such as dumplings, spring roll and sweet rice balls.


The Year of the Rabbit Cake by Sakurado London

The Year of the Rabbit Cake by Sakurado London

Image Source: Sakurado London



The festival ended at 6pm but you can still celebrate with family activities and special Chinese New Year menu at restaurants – not just in and around Chinatown but all around in London – until the 5th February 2023.


Happy Chinese New Year! “Xin Nian Kuai Le” (Happy New Year in Mandarin) or “Sun Nin Faai Lok” (in Cantonese)




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