London’s Prettiest K-Beauty Store – Glam Touch Brunswick

Glam Touch Brunswick has recently celebrated the first anniversary of its grand opening in May 2023. The pretty pink store offer the widest range of K-beauty products, including items hard to find in the UK.



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London’s Pinkest K-Beauty Store – Glam Touch


Glam Touch Brunswick - K-Beauty Store

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Glam Touch is inspired by South Korean culture and set to capture the soul of Seoul in the very heart of London.


Rows of tiny spotlights reflect back from the shiny, pastel colour marble floor making you feel like you entered a pretty stage where you’re the star of the show.


There are endless rows of neatly displayed cosmetics on the pink selves.


 The selection is huge! From familiar brands, such as d’Alba, Klaris, Cosrx, and Round Lab, to brands loved by South Koreans, yet lesser known in the UK.


 The marble island stands elegantly as the centrepiece of the shop, proudly showcasing its lipstick and eye shadow collection, while large golden-framed mirrors shimmering on the top.


The UK's Biggest Korean Beauty Shop - Glam Touch

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The beauty bar allows customers to try products before buying to make sure they choose the right colour.


Bouquets of pastel-pink dried flowers placed among the skincare products to set the perfect composition for your Insta photo or TikTok video.


Free Samples at Glam Touch Korean Beauty Store in London

Free Samples

Photo: Urban Adventurer


To make your shopping experience more special, they give out free samples with every purchase!


Let the Glow Begin – The Mask Wall


Face Mask Wall at Glam Touch K-Beauty Story London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


There is an entire wall dedicated to South Korea’s beloved sheet masks. ‘Let the Glow Begin’ – the neon sign invites you to browse the vast collection of face masks.


Take your pick from relaxing, hydrating or vitalising jelly masks, wash off masks or eye gel masks.


If you’re not sure, which product would best suit to your skin type, the friendly staff is always at hand to give you advice.


In-Store Services


Galm Touch K-Beauty Store London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Glam Touch is more than just a K-beauty store, they offer a number of in-store services.


There is a flowery nail studio offering Instagram-worthy manicure and pedicure services. Here you can get elegant Korean-style nail designs by professional nail artists and technicians.


You can book a personalised skincare consultancy session to get personalised skincare advice that fits to your individual needs and have flawless, beautiful skin with innovative products and skin secrets straight from South Korea.


Glam Touch’s makeup consultancy service lets you elevate your beauty game with personalised guidance and tips from professionals. You’ll also learn how to do the perfect Korean-style makeup.


Glam Touch Tea Bar

Opening soon!


Glam Touch Tea Bar

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Glam Touch Tea Bar sits towards the end of the store, right next to the nail studio. The glamourous bar is specialised in Korean Artisan Tea and serve an array of treats.


The teas are focused on using natural ingredients only to promote nice, healthy skin. This is the idea where the neon sign on the tea bar’s wall take inspiration from: ‘넌 예쁘니까, 예쁜것만 마셔’ It translates to ‘Since you’re pretty, just drink beautiful things.’


Glam Touch Brunswick is not just the UK’s largest K-beauty store, it’s a whole experience. From shopping to nail care, to makeup, and Korean Artisan Tea, there is everything you need to fully immerse yourself into the world of K-beauty.


Make sure you visit Glam Touch next time you’re around Russel Square.






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