Hokus Pokus Alchemy Lab Takes Inspiration from 19th-Century Quack Doctors

Taking inspiration from 19th-centruy quack doctors, Hokus Pokus Alchemy Lab transports you to a retro-futuristic Victorian steampunk world with chopper pipes, visible electrical circuits and intriguing light and fog effects mixed with 19th-century apothecary and British esoteric literature.



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Inspired by 19th-Century Quack Doctors


Hokus Pokus Alchemy Lab is Inspired by Quack Doctors

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Hokus Pokus Alchemy Lab is taking inspiration from 19th-century quack doctors who invented ‘magic medications’ by embracing the latest technological and chemical discoveries with the aim to cure all disease.

One of the most famous quack doctors was James Morison who opened ‘British College of Health’ in 1828 just a couple of doors away from where Hokus Pokus is today. Morison claimed to have found a miracle universal vegetable that cures all disease based on botanical compounds. He prepared pills from the said vegetable to be swallowed with lemonade.


The Atmosphere


Hokus Pokus King's Cross

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 Hokus Pokus has a unique atmosphere like no other bars in London. Designed by British artist and designer, Henry Chebaane, the lab is a mix of Victorian-style steampunk engine room with apothecary furnishing. Alchemy books, medical glasses, and oddities are on display behind the windows of large wooden cabinets. Theatrical lighting and artificial fog enhance the whole experience.


Focusing on Botanicals


Blueberry Tequila at Hokus Pokus Alchemy Lab

Blueberry Tequila

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 Today, Hokus Pokus use botanicals in distilled form, instead of pill form (for their customers’ pleasure). When it comes to creating cocktails, the team is as sustainable as possible: they use every single part of the fruit for syrup, juice or just for garnishing.

There are a wide variety of drinks on the menu, from season-inspired to smokey to flamed potions. Most of the cocktails are customisable, so you can design yours exactly how you like it. As a result, no two cocktails are the same and there are endless variations to try.


Recipes from the Past


Cocktail and Mocktail at Hokus Pokus Alchemy Lab

‘Blueberry Tequila’ cocktail and ‘Fizzy Pokus’ mocktail

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Feeling adventurous? Why not try some of the revise recipes of prescriptions from the past? ‘Hokus Pokus in Japan’ for example is a Sake based drink, combined with Yuzu juice, citrus elixir, and pomegranate syrup.

Alcohol free potions are also available for those who want to avoid alcoholic prescriptions. ‘Fizzy Pokus’ for instance is a refreshing blend of grapefruit juice and citrus elixir, pomegranate potion and soda.


Perfect Location


Hokus Pokus Alchemy Lab - King's Cross

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 Located in the very heart of London, Hokus Pokus is perfect for after-work drink, night-out with friends or late-night cocktail destination.

Walk-ins accepted.


Practical Info


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1 Belgrove St, London WC1H 8AB

Opening Times

Monday: CLOSED

Tue-Thurs: 6pm-12am

Fri & Sat: 6pm-1am




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