Where to Celebrate International Harry Potter Day – The Cauldron

The 2nd of May is International Harry Potter Day and how could we celebrate it in the most magical way if not with wand in one hand and a glass of magic potion in the other? Inspired by Harry Potter’s wizarding world, The Cauldron is London’s most magical cocktail bar.



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Working Magic Wands


The Cauldron - Harry Potter Inspired Bar in London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Although, The Cauldron is officially not a Harry Potter themed bar, you can tell it immediately that it is very much inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter.

Upon your arrival you can don a wizard robe and given a working(!) magic wand. That’s right! A working magic wand with which you can manipulate multiply things around you within the bar. You can switch on and off of the lamp and other props on your table or make a unicorn head split mocktail into your glass.


Magical Cocktails and Drinkable Potions


Magic Potion at The Cauldron

Photo: Urban Adventurer


You can either just book a table for drinks or go for a potion making class. Either way, you’ll be given a wizard robe and a magic wand to go around the bar and manipulate certain objects around you.

The menu of cocktails, shots & enchantments change every now and then, but certain items remain the same, such as ‘Ectoplasm’ shot or the ‘Bubbling Shot of Death’. You can even pour drink from the maw of a unicorn or from a giant crystal in a crystal cave with a flick of a magic wand.

To help you snap perfect photos of your drinks, there is a magic stand you can put your cocktails on and switch light on and off under the glass or make your drink whirl in its glass.


Brew Your Own Drinkable Potions – The Potion Making Class


Pour Mocktail from the Maw of a Unicorn at The Cauldron

Photo: Urban Adventurer


You can book a potion making session to brew your very own potions that build up endless bubbles, sparkle or change colour.

The potion making class includes a welcome drink (cocktail or mocktail) that you pour from the maw of a magical creature with a woosh of your wand; and two drinkable potions (cocktails or mocktails) that you brew using secret recipes with instructions and of course your magic wand.

Although, you brew your potions by yourself, a Potion Master is always on hand in case you need some help and to protect you from dark magic.


Other Experiences


Harry Potter Inspired Bar - The Cauldron

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The Cauldron bar is located in Stock Newington, however, they have a sister venue in the heart of Soho, called The Wizard Exploratorium.

The Wizard Exploratorium offers potion making experience as well, along with a couple of more experiences you can’t have at their Stock Newington venue.


The Magic Wand Experience


The Magic Wand Experience is basically a 20-min interactive experience where you can build your very own magic wand by choosing magic (light, dark or earth), wood, core, handle, shaft, and lux.

Once you’ve built your magic wand, you’ll be guided around the venue and be taught the basics of spell casting that you can put into practice immediately.


Wizard Afternoon Tea


Wizard Afternoon Tea is an interactive experience where you can brew your tea using molecular gastronomy and technology. You can also control your afternoon tea station with a magic wand.

During the experience you’ll brew two different types of tea. The first one focuses on transfiguration, while the second is designed to encourage experimentation to find your perfect blend.

Scones, sandwiches, and desserts are served on the interactive station with a dragon egg on the top.


About International Harry Potter Day


Harry Potter Inspired Bar in London - The Cauldron

Photo: Urban Adventurer


We celebrate International Harry Potter Day since 2012, when Prime Minister David Cameron declared the 2nd May as an official day of honour the novel series written by J. K. Rowling.

The book series has been so successful that the author holds a Guinness World Record as the highest-selling series by a single author. Over a 500 million copies sold all over the world.

But why the 2nd May?

The reason we celebrate it on the 2nd May is because the great Battle of Hogwarts was fought on that very day, and this was the battle where Lord Voldemort was finally defeated.


Happy International Harry Potter Day!




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