London’s Sweetest Exhibition this Winter – Gingerbread City

If you have ever wished you could step into the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel, this festive period is the perfect time to make your childhood dream come true.

The Gingerbread City® by The Museum of Architecture returns from 3rd December 2022 – 2nd January 2023 featuring five different (yummy) miniature cities.


Watch mouth-watering video here.


Sustain(ed)able Design Ideas


Gingerbread City Exhibition 2022

Photo: Urban Adventurer


This year over 100 leading architects, engineers, designers, and bakers have created not one, but 5 mini cities across different climate zones: Polar, Continental, Temperate, Dry and Tropical.


Gingerbread Exhibition London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The aim is to suggest a new normal in our post-Covid world where life is more sustainable, more convenient, more affordable, and less stressful.


Gingerbread City 2022

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The different climate zones require designers and architects to take local resources and special building methods into account, as well as bring new creative ideas to the table in order to respond to climate crisis.


Gingerbread City Workshops


London’s Sweetest Exhibition this Winter - Gingerbread City

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The Gingerbread City is not just for the eye. The exhibition is running workshops – including family workshops – that you can book separately.

The workshops are running every day and invite participants to design their own gingerbread house for different climates in order to resonate the exhibition theme.

Adult workshops are available in the evening from 6pm-7:30pm.

Family workshops run every day at different times.  





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