A Life-Size Gigantosaurus from ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ has Taken Over Trafalgar Square

A life-size Gigantosaurus is brought to life in Trafalgar Square with the latest filmmaking technology. This is a truly unmissable immersive experience that will run only for a few days from 25th  – 29th  May 2022.

Watch video here.


The Ultimate ‘Jurassic World’ Experience


Velociraptor Blue - Jurassic World Dominion Pop-Up

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment teamed up with Industrial Light & Magic VFX leaders and experts to create a realistic life-size Gigantosaurus, using a technology has never been brought to the public before.

The dinosaur has been created and animated by ILM’s London studio and is standing in front of a 3D background. The background is lit based on the current conditions of the surroundings creating a more realistic experience.

Visitors have the opportunity to capture their experience with the fill-size Gigantosaurus.

But this is not all!


Dinosaur Egg Incubator - Jurassic World Dominion Pop-Up Trafalgar Square

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Following the ‘Dinosaur Tracking Base’ visitors also have the opportunity to explore artefacts from the Jurassic World movies. This includes a cast of a Gigantosaurus skull (this is the only one skull ever discovered) discovered in Candeleros Formation of Patagonia in 1993, a Velociraptor Blue model, and a dinosaur egg incubator.


The ‘Jurassic World’ Experience is completely free to enjoy, and no booking required.


Jurassic World Dominon Pop-Up Trafalgar Square

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Opening Hours


Wednesday 25th May – 11am-8pm

Thursday 26th May – 10am – 6pm

Friday 27th May – 11am-8pm

Saturday 28th May – 10am-8pm

Sunday 29th May – 10am-8pm



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