It’z Kebab baby! – The UK’s Biggest Kebab House Opened on Oxford Street

Italian-born franchise, Keb Houze opened the UK’s biggest kebab house in London. Located on Oxford Street, the three-storey restaurant is not like an ordinary kebab shop. It has arcade games, table football, and a 7-metre-long art installation by British artist Philip Colbert aka the Lobster.



🌯 It’z kebab baby! @Kebhouze opened the largest kebab house in the UK! Located on Oxford Street, the three-storey venue is also the UK’s first immersive kebab house with arcade games 🕹️ & and table footbal ⚽️! #kebhouze #kebhouzeuk #kebablondon #kebabshop #oxfordstreetlondon #immersiveexperience

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Keb Houze – It’z Kebab Baby

159 Oxford St, London W1D 2JL


Keb Houze – It’z Kebab Baby

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Founded in Milan in 2021 by multi-millionaire businessman and social media star, Gianluca Vacchi, Keb Houze has 24 venues across Italy and Spain.


This is Keb Houze’s very first restaurant in the UK and they wanted it on Oxford Street because they realised there were not many restaurants and food options there. “It is a void we hope to fill”. – says Chief Marketing Officer Giulio Paterno.


Keb Houze Oxford Street London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



“When it comes to the UK, you either go big or go home. We of course decided to do one better than that and go for the biggest, opening the nation’s largest kebab house ever”. – he said.


Keb Houze does not stop there! They have plans to further expand across London and open a second venue, very likely in Camden Town in 2024.


An Immersive Kebab House


Keb Houze Oxford Street - Immersive Kebab House

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Keb Houze is nothing like an ordinary kebab house! It promises a fun immersive place packed with entertainment for all ages. And when they say entertainment, they really mean it.


There are arcade games, table football, kebab-inspired street art and a massive, 7-metre-long installation, created by British artist Philip Colbert aka the Lobster.


The Menu


It'z Kebab Baby - Keb Houze Oxford Street London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Keb Houze offers a variety of options to stop for, such as wraps and ‘Kebowls’ with 4 types of meat to choose from (chicken, veal, beef, and turkey), ‘Keb burgers’, pea protein-based vegan alternative, named ‘planted’, chicken nuggets, vegan nuggets, desserts and more. Plus, they offer bottomless soft drink!


They have kid’s menu, called ‘Kebby Meal’ for only £7.99 and it contains a kid’s burger or chicken nuggets, fries, still water and a fun ‘Keb tattoo’.


Check out their menu here.


Keb Houze opened on 21 December 2023 and now open every day 9am – 12am.






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