Croissant Café in Soho – Criss Cross

Criss Cross is not just an ordinary place, serving pastry and coffee. Located in the heart of Soho, they are dedicated to one thing: croissant…and they nailed it.


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Sweet and Savoury, Hot and Cold

Croissant Café in Soho – Criss Cross

Photo: Urban Adventurer


If you’re a fan of croissant, Criss Cross is a must-visit for you. They serve the flaky and buttery pastry in all versions possible: hot, cold, sweet, savoury, and vegan. All richly filled with the most delicious fillings.

Whatever your taste is, you’ll definitely find something to sink your teeth into. They sell the most different flavours, including Black Yuzu Meringue, Chocolate Raspberry, Tonka Bean Cream & Chocolate and Whiskey Salmon, just to name a few.

Want to surprise a croissant lover? Even gift boxes are available.


 Instagram Heaven

Croissants in Criss Cross

Photo: Urban Adventurer


It’s not just the croissants that are Instagrammable. The modern and aesthetic interior with restrained pastel colours provides a perfect backdrop for your ‘gram pics and ASMR food TikTok videos.


Happy munching!




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