Last-Minute Gifts for Movie Lovers

We all have that one friend who gets to be the first to see the new movie releases, knows all the classics movie quotes, and nothing gets them more excited than a movie marathon. And – of course – they have all the collectables, merch, and figures, so it’s very difficult to surprise them with something they don’t have already.


Come with me to the official BFI Shop and ODEON Cinema to find something special for your movie-mad loved one.


Cinema Essentials


Wonka Popcorn Bucket and Cup at ODEON Cinema

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Cinemas frequently come up with cool cups and popcorn buckets for the most anticipated new movie releases. At ODEON Cinema, one of the hottest releases is definitely the WONKA movie. This cup with candy decoration under its lid and the WONKA hat popcorn bucket are a must-have for a Willy Wonka fan.


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - Aquaman Cup

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You don’t have to be a mermaid to dive deep for this shiny Aquaman popcorn bucket and cup. They’re covered with gold scales and decorated with Aquaman logo.


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - Wish Movie Cup

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For Disney-enthusiasts, I found an adorable purple cup adorned with stars and the portrait of the main character, Asha.


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - The Marvels Character Cup

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Any Marvel fans out there? How about these cool The Marvels character cups?


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - ODEON Gift Cards

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Gift cards are always a good idea as a stocking filler because it gives the receiver a complete freedom of choice on what they want to buy. ODEON have lots of different designs and you can top up with any amount you wish between £5 – £100.


BFI Shop

0 Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XT


BFI Shop

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BFI Southbank’s official shop has a lot to offer when it comes to last-minute gift ideas. They have tons of books, Blue Rays, tote bags, card games and more.



DIY Movie Night Popcorn Kit


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - DIY Movie Night Popcorn Kit

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Turn popcorn making into a fun family activity! Each family member can make their own tasty popcorn using five different seasonings from salt & vinegar to toffee to sweet chilli.


Popcorn Bucket List


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - Popcorn Bucket List

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This is not your ordinary bag of popcorn! Every piece of ‘popcorn’ in the bag is actually a TV show or movie suggestion. Pick a ‘popcorn’ and see what movie or TV show you’ll be watching next. Perfect stocking filler.


Quirky Socks


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - Overlook Hotel Socks

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Get settled in the Overlook Hotel if you dare. These socks feature the iconic geometric pattern of the Overlook Hotel from Stephen King’s classic novel’s film adaptation. One size fit all.


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - National Film Theatre Logo Socks

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These National Film Theatre pattern socks are produced exclusively for the BFI.


The National Film Theatre (NFT) was designed by Norman Engleback and built within just 15 months. The pattern of the socks pictured above, takes inspiration from the black and gold wallpaper adorned the screen shutter in the original NFT 1 auditorium. At the start of the movie, the shutter would be pulled to the sides to reveal the screen. The same shutter provided backdrop to interviews with the greatest actors, actresses and directors, such as Alfred Hitchcock.


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - London Film Festival Socks

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The original NFT sign is still there on the Southwest side of Waterloo Bridge. It was lovingly restored to bring back its original glory in 2018. Today, this is the visual of London Film Festival.


Make sure you bring your movie enthusiast to the BFI Bar to sip a delicious cocktail and pose in these socks after Christmas.


Tote Bags


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - Tote Bags

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Does your friend live and breathe with sci-fi? Love comedy? Or has a keen interest in movies from the glorious 1950s? A stylish tote bag is not just a nice accessory, but also very practical in the everyday life.


Card Games


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - Card Games

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What could be better than gather the family and play a fun card game around the table at Christmas Night? Test your knowledge of film directors, break the emoji code or come up with funny filthy parodies of film titles while the others try to guess the original title. Guaranteed fun all night long.




Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - Books

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Whether you’re loved one is a huge fan of Tim Burton’s unique dark universe, a lover of the movies from the 1990s or a Disney enthusiast, BFI Shop definitely has something special for them.

From special editions to archives to original story books, you’re guaranteed to find something to put under the Christmas tree.


Water Bottle


Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - Water Bottle

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With these vibrant yellow ‘Nitrate’ water bottles you not only can surprise a true film enthusiast for Christmas, but also support the hard work of BFI National Archive to preserve nitrate film for future generations.


Nitrate film was made of highly flammable cellulose nitrate, but in return for its dangerous nature, it had the deepest and richest colours of any film stock.


Cinemas needed special licence to be allowed to screen nitrate films as these films required rigorous system of checks and safeguards.


The graphic you can see on these water bottles are directly adapted from the original nitrate safety signage.


BFI Southbank is one the handful cinemas in the world that are able to screen nitrate.




Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers - BFI London Film Festival T-Shirt

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An official BFI Film Festival tee is something a true move enthusiast’s wardrobe cannot miss. These limited-edition T-shirts celebrate the UK’s biggest annual event, BFI London Film Festival 2023.

Available in white and black.

Fair Wear Foundation endorsed and vegan certified by PETA.


The Finishing Touch – National Film Theatre Wrapping Paper


National Film Theatre Wrapping Paper at BFI Shop

Photo Source: BFI Online Shop


Wrap your gifts up in cinematic style with black and gold National Film Theatre wrapping paper.



There are tons of other items available at BFI official shop, including, Blue Rays, postcards, mugs, and more.

There’s one week till Christmas, so you still have time to visit BFI Shop or pop in one of the ODEON cinemas to grab the perfect gift to put under the tree or add some lovely stocking fillers to the list.





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