The Cutest Bubble Tea Shop in Chinatown – Boba Tea London

Boba Tea London opened in Chinatown this May and it’s much more than just another bubble tea shop. Here’s why.



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Super Insta-Worthy Boba Plushie Wall & Cute Murals

55-57 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 6LD


Plushie Wall at Boba Tea London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Boba Tea London is definitely the cutest bubble tea shop in Chinatown. It has the most adorable plushie wall with giant boba plushies to provide the perfect background for you with your bubble tea.


Cute Murals at Boba Tea London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Right next to the plushie wall, there is an amazing hand-painted mural wall full of adorable characters.


Boba Tea London Shaftesbury Avenue

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The opposite side of the shop won’t leave you disappointed either. A huge, cute neon panda (the logo of Boba Tea London) surrounded with bubbly pink waves and a row of pink plush sofas make that side super photogenic. Even the lamps on the ceiling look like popping balls.



Bubble Tea with a Twist


Boba Lab at Boba Tea London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


At Boba Tea London, ordering your bubble tea is completely different than at any other bubble tea shops.

Instead of making your order at the counter, you have to go to the ‘Boba Lab’. Here you can make your very own customised bubble tea by choosing your syrup or powder and topping. To make the whole experience more fun, the syrups come in syringes, the powders in laboratory tubes while the toppings are in petri dishes.

Waffle on STIX


Photo: Urban Adventurer


Boba Tea London also serves mouth-watering waffle on STIX for only £5 with one sauce and one topping of your choice. I went for cookies & cream and smarties, and it was so delicious!

The waffle is made to order and served warm and soft.

If you love mochi, you’re in for a treat! They have a selection of chewy mochi and mochi ice cream in the most different flavours.

Make sure you visit Boba Tea London next time when you’re in Chinatown and capture your boba moments in front of the plushie wall and enjoy their delicious desserts.




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