The Cutest Café in Soho – No.79 Coffee & Mousse

No.79 Coffee & Mousse has just opened but it’s already a trend in social media. That’s not a surprise, though. Their aesthetic interior and cute cakes instantly make you fall in love.

No.79 Coffee & Mousse is owed by Hefaure London, specialising in mousse cakes and tea.


The Interior


No79 Coffee and Mousse

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The interior is simple and aesthetic. The elegant pink and gold chairs with bow-shaped backs and the white and golden tables perfectly match the pastel colour of the walls, which creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.


 The Cakes


Mousse Cakes at No79 Coffee and Mousse

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 No.79 Coffee & Mousse sell the cutest mousse cakes in the most different shapes, colours, and flavours, from rose to bear to Christmas tree to Pineapple. There’s almost impossible to choose. (I literally stood in front of the counter for 10 minutes, admiring the cakes.) All of the cakes are made in-house, and they do different selections for different seasons.


I finally chose the dark chocolate bear and the Christmas tree. The latter came with secret flavour. The secret flavour could be anything from white chocolate to mango. (Love this idea.)

My bear cake had a secret chamber inside filled with white chocolate and pink sugar pearls.


Bear Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

Photo: Urban Adventurer


My Christmas tree cake’s surprise flavour was white chocolate and jam.


Surprise Flavour Christmas Tree Mousse Cake

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Both of the cakes were soft, creamy, and not too sweet.

To make you feel like Alice in Wonderland, they serve your orders on richly decorated plates with golden cutlery. Similarly to the cakes, the design of the cutlery changes over the seasons.

The cakes are between £5-£6


The Drinks


Cakes and Bubble tea at No79 Coffee and Mousse

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 They have lots of options for bubble tea from fresh fruit tea to bubble milk tea. The fresh fruit teas come in a cup with cute bear shaped lid.

You can order your bubble milk tea hot or cold. I ordered it hot because I had never tried it hot before. It was really delicious, not too sweet and came with chewy tapioca pearls.

The drinks are around £4.20

The staff was very polite, friendly, and helpful. Ask them anything. They are happy to help if you cannot decide what to order.



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