Dine Inside a Painting – Café Van Gogh

Have you ever dreamt to have a coffee and a piece of lemon cake inside a dreamy painting? Café Van Gogh is a relaxing hidden gem within the grounds of Christ Church. Perfect to escape from the bustling city life and to slow down after the all-day rush.


Not for Profit


Cafe Van Gogh Brixton

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Café Van Gogh is a non-profit social enterprise. They take pride on their social purpose and their ethical choices impactful for their social community, environment, staff, and customers.

How to support?

Apart from enjoying a delicious meal, cake and coffee, you can support Café Van Gogh by purchasing something either from their online shop or on the spot. They have toot bags, aprons, tea towels, and gift bundles.

They also sell gift vouchers starting from £5.




Dog Friendly Cafe London - Cafe Van Gogh

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Their menu is 100% vegan. All their food on the menu is plant-based and super delicious. Their seasonal menu changes every 6-8 weeks and offer different menus for Saturdays and Sundays to make sure you’ll never be bored with their menu.

They also have vegan beers and wines to wet your throat, but if you’re a coffee lover, they have a wide range of coffees all made with plant-based milk.


Dog Friendly


Van Gogh Cafe

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Café Van Gogh is dog friendly place, so feel free to bring along with your furry pal to enjoy the vibes together.


Zero Waste


Vegan Cafe London - Cafe Van Gogh

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Café Van Gogh are committed to minimise their impact on the environment. This is why they are aspiring to zero waste. They do not use plastic at all. All their takeaway cups and cutleries are 100% compostable.

They send all their food waste to be composted too.

TIP: hey offer 10% discount if you bring your own container for takeaway!

You can help them to keep waste zero by not bringing balloons or single use table decorations to your booked private events and parties.


Support People with Mental Disabilities


Zero Waste Cafe London - Cafe Van Gogh

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Café Van Gogh is in close relationship with a leading disability employment charity. The café is running a program for people living with mental health problems. During the program disabled people get support and on-job training and gain valuable experience. This will help them to find paid employment easier in the future.


Do I need to Reserve My Spot?

No. They are operating in a walk-in basis unless you are a party of 6 or want to hold a private event.

TIP:  You can order vegan birthday cake for private birthday party.


Where is Café Van Gogh?

88 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6BE

7-minute walk from Oval Station


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