Free Mind-blowing Immersive Experience on Ocean Plastic Crisis

A mind-blowing immersive experience started this week at Exhibition London next to Westfield. The experience is set to raise awareness of the ocean plastic crisis and educate visitors on the value of oceans’ ecosystems, how fragile it is, and what we can do to make a difference.

Go for a mini virtual tour here.


The Blue Paradox

360-degree Immersive Experience on Ocean Plastic Crisis

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 The name of the exhibition is ‘The Blue Paradox’ and it starts with a 360-degree video to submerge you into the deep blue ocean, show its beauty, its intense energy and how it has affect on everything on our planet.

The exhibition shows us how can plastic harm our ecosystem and also provides alternatives on what we can do to make a difference on macro (governments and companies) and micro levels (individuals).


 Shocking Facts

Ocean Plastic Crisis - Shocking Facts

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  • There is no place on the Earth untouched by plastic
  • Even in the extreme depths of the oceans and in the Arctic’s ice were found plastic
  • An average person could digest a credit card worth of microplastic each week. The impact of this is currently unknown
  • 36% of English Channel fish ingest microscopic plastic
  • 93% of bottled water, tested in nine different countries contained microplastic


Make a Difference Just by Attending

Sing the Pladge to Help Clean the Oceans

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 The Blue Paradox Exhibition is presented by an innovative family company, SC Johnson. They are so committed to the environment that they will make a donation after each person visits the exhibition to Conservation International’s ocean protection efforts to help clean and protect 1 square kilometre of ocean.

All you need to do is sign the pledge and watch your name appear on the wall.


Why Can’t We Just Ban Plastic?

The Blue Paradox Immersive Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The exhibition guides us through six different immersive rooms. Each of them shows the impact of plastic pollution on the oceans and our own lives in different perspectives, while answering common questions like “why can’t we just ban plastic?”, “why can’t we simply switch to plant-based plastic?” or “why can’t we just clean the oceans from plastic?”


Innovative Soultions

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The exhibition also showcases innovative solutions that are already been taken into practice by companies but there is still much to do.


Your Plastic Footprint

The Blue Paradox - Immersive Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 You can even find out your plastic footprint by filling in a simple survey.

Here is my plastic footprint.

Your Plastic Footprint

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Hurry up!


The exhibition is open for 13 days only!

15th-27th September 2021

Exhibition London, Ariel Way, W12 7SL


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