Free Immersive Exhibitions in Hyde Park

Serpentine Galleries host three interactive exhibitions this Summer and all of them are completely free to enjoy. ‘Web(s) of Life’ by Tomás Saraceno, ‘Third World: The Bottom Dimension’ by Gabriel Massan and ‘Serpentine Pavilion 2023’ by Lina Ghotmeh.



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Tangle in Cobwebs – ‘Web(s) of Life’ by Tomás Saraceno


‘Web(s)of Life’ by Tomás Saraceno at Serpentine South Gallery

Photo: Urban Adventurer



This fascinating exhibition is located at Serpentine South Gallery and it’s about spiders and spider webs, so if you’re not a fan of spiders or have a fear of spiders, this might not be for you.

‘Web(s) of Life’ is a living multi-species exhibition about how different life forms, technologies and energy systems are living together and how they’re connected in the climate change.


‘Web(s)of Life’ by Tomás Saraceno - Hidden Room

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The exhibition is inspired and based on the artist’s ongoing research into spiders, the intricate architecture of their webs and their behaviours. Visitors will have a chance to witness an ancient ritual of spider divination through a big screen and observe super complex spider webs as well as learn more on how spiders build those amazing structures.

The exhibition encourages visitors to learn more about organisms with the ability to signal the changes in weather, climate and pollution level and reconnect to our environment.

To help you break from your reliance of technology, visitors as asked not to use their mobile phones.


Sculpture at Serpentine South Gallery - ‘Web(s)of Life’ by Tomás Saraceno

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Going through the exhibition rooms, visitors can explore a special hidden room where they can sit down on cushions, draw, and relax.

Interactive sculptures are dotted around the park and in the exhibition rooms, representing the diversity of species of the park, including birds, insects, foxes, ducks, rabbits and more.


Free to visit | 1 June – 10 September 2023


Relax Under the Serpentine Pavilion


Serpentine Pavilion by Lina Ghotmeh

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Designed by Lina Ghotmeh, Serpentine Pavilion gives visitors an aesthetic hideaway from the heat of the Sun and the buzzing city life.

The pavilion is right next to Serpentine South Gallery and is built from bio-sourced and low-carbon materials, making sure it fits in the natural environment perfectly.


Serpentine Pavilion 2023

Photo: Urban Adventurer



The roof of the building is inspired by the structure of palm leaf, while the composition of the pavilion is taking inspiration from ‘tognuas’, a traditional structure used in Mali and West Africa for community gatherings.

There are tables and chairs and a small café shop within the pavilion, offering a peaceful oasis for people to sit down and socialise over a summer cooler.


Free to visit | 9 June – 29 October 2023



 Play Free Video Game – ‘Third World: The Bottom Dimension’ by Gabriel Massan


‘Third World- The Bottom Dimension’ by Gabriel Massan at Serpentine North Gallery

Photo: Urban Adventurer


‘Third World: The Bottom Dimension’ is an experimental video game, exhibition and web3 project within Serpentine North Gallery. The exhibition invites us to rethink our understanding of reality and ourselves by exploring the impact of colonialism on the Black Brazilian people.

The interactive exhibition includes animated clips, arts and crafts and a free video game visitors can play with.



Free to visit | 23 June – 22 October 2023







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