Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination

Science Museum recently opened their new immersive exhibition: ‘Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination’ to lead visitors through a scientific adventure.


MISSION GOAL: To investigate how scientists and sci-fi 
creators have inspired each other to visualize and 
build new worlds and explore future possibilities human world may hold.


Watch video tour here.




Science Museum - Science Fiction- Voyage to the Edge of Imagination

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Your journey starts in a spaceship taking you to an adventure to discover how fiction and science have inspired each other.

You’ll learn more about the first sci-fi movies about travelling to outer space as well as how movies inspired scientists to build hibernation capsules allowing humans to travel far across the universe.


Sience Museum - Sci-fi Exhibition - Space Suits

Photo: Urban Adventurer


You’ll see original and replica space suits used in movies and real life, such the space suit worn in 2007 movie, ‘Sunshine’ or the replica space suit worn in the iconic 1979 ‘Alien’ movie directed by Ridley Scott.


Start Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Replica - Science Museum Sci-fi Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


There is also a replica of U.S.S. Enterprise from ‘Star Trek’ created for the show’s 30th anniversary in 1996. The replica is signed by actors, George Takei who played Sulu and Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura in the movie series.




Iron Man Suit Replica - Science Museum

Photo: Urban Adventurer


You are guided through your galactical journey by an artificial intelligence, called A.L.A.N.N (Algorithmic Artificial Neutral Network). The mission is to observe humans, objects, items, and stories from the perspective of both science and science fiction and deeply analyse how the two fields have impacted human lives on Earth and figure out what future may hold for our species.


Science Fiction- Voyage to the Edge of Imagination by Science Museum

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Visitors are guided through scientific discoveries and more movie props and replicas to showcase how real science and imagination have impacted and inspired one another over the decades.


Wormhole - Science Fiction- Voyage to the Edge of Imagination

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Throughout the journey, the exhibition is seeking answers to ‘what if?’ questions and presents visions by digital artists on how they imagine our world could look like in the near or far future. Us humans, will we be wise enough to make the right decisions to fight against climate change and other catastrophes or will we face a dark future?




View to Planet Earth - Science Fiction- Voyage to the Edge of Imagination

Photo: Urban Adventurer



There are lots of different scenarios leading to different outcomes. It is impossible to tell where our future will take us. Humanity has the power to either save or destroy their planet. Our future lays in our hands.



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